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  1. Having very recently finished a design cycle, I can now offer insight into how I do things. The first thing I do is look at the requirements, and the available options (whether limited by name or simply similar in performance), and try to figure out a first order approximation of what it is I'm hoping to get done. It's usually at this point that I sketch out the design in pencil and make a list of design features I intend to include in the design - this typically helps solidify the concept in my mind, as well as making sure I don't miss anything major along the way. I set myself certain desi
  2. It's gonna be a tight squeeze, no two ways about it. BT-7A managed to squeeze in a 76mm gun IRL, so it's not impossible. Hopefully the loader assist means the gunner needs to move around quite a bit less in combat, and the cupola does give the commander a little more breathing space.
  3. It's nothing more than a couple gravity feeds and a couple manual spring return ratchets where you yank the handle of the type you want to pull it far enough to drop it into the rammer tray. Really nothing complex at all.
  4. At -10 degrees depression, the gun only just hits the turret roof at full recoil but the tube clips through. Limiting depression to -5 degrees solves that problem. Perhaps ejecting not with a tube but with a T-62 style roof hatch (only on the front of the turret) would allow the full 10 degrees of depression. Also apparently elevation is +15 not +10 as previously stated. I dun goofed there. The tube requires a bit of a mantlet expansion but nothing special. The latter. At -5 degrees they're aligned, as the barrel elevates and the breech drops theres a bit of a dr
  5. Flame cutting and riveting are sufficient for the armor fabrication, though welding is preferred of course. All the rest is either stolen, simple, or unmodified from the existing tank.
  6. Carro Armato BT-5-76/43 General specs: Weight: 15t nominal, 16 t loaded. Length, gun forwards: 7m Width: 2.3 m Height: 2.3 m to turret roof Crew: Commander, Gunner/loader, Driver. Armament: 45mm, 75mm or 76mm gun, roof mounted HMG, coax MG, and grenade projectors. Mobility: Slightly reduced from BT-5 to cope with added weight, but still excellent. 25 HP/T at 16 tons. Survivability: Excellent against 37mm, acceptable vs 75mm, borderline against 57mm, none against 76mm. Detailed description:
  7. The front add on armor has a hinged door linked to the existing one in the UFP (not modeled), and the upper door works as it did.
  8. Not only that, I found a way to make it hide the existing gun in the model which I can't edit! (protip: it's shown at -2 deg elevation)
  9. Still very much a work in progress, but seeing as I haven't posted all that much in this thread, I thought I'd post it as-is. The add-on armor is still very rough, and is missing the turret ring armor. You'd be surprised how well armored a BT-5 can get if you put your mind to it.
  10. OK so, road trip is over. Reading from my (almost illegible) notes I wrote a couple weeks back: 1. Of the available tanks, the BT-5 is, IMO, the only reasonable choice. 1.1. The T-28 cannot be reasonably made a real opponent to the Sherman and is rare, with a spares issue just waiting to happen. 1.2. The various French light tanks and T-26 are disasters on tracks, with no armor, no real option to improve armament, and very poor automotives (low power to weight and low speed suspension). 1.3. Of the guns available, only the 7.62 cm PaK 39(r) can reliably kill a Sherman with AP, and t
  11. Got jumped IRL by a work trip. I'll be back home next weekend, I hope.
  12. Encountered slight issues with using free internet 3d surface-based models in solid-based CAD, will require more work before I have something showable.
  13. Alrighty I have a fairly clear battle plan, I'll probably knock it out this weekend. I have... Several silly ideas and a few moderately sensible ones.
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