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  1. Tank You
    phasers on stun reacted to SH_MM in Britons are in trouble   
    So there is just a single bid for the program? Not good.
  2. Funny
    phasers on stun got a reaction from Belesarius in Intelligent Turret - what's on your mind ?   
    Fellow fish - imagine you had some money to develop the "next generation" 20-40mm" modular architecture turret.  Of course, you could talk about sensor fusion, using AI to detect threats, better / more integrated sensors... targetting linked to drones etc... But is this the way forwards. ?
    What is the SOTA 30mm turret on the market ? - more importantly, what are it's attributes ?? [ no need to name the manufacturer unless you want to] 
    Built in APS ?
    intelligent Armour ?
    Reconfigurability ?
    Self Repair ?
    We all have ideas... what would you see as a truly game changing set of characteristics ?  
    I think the T2000 looks interesting and there are some nice turrets from lower profile companies (as seen at AUSA).  
    Alternatively, we might be at the end of the roadmap - "gun + armour + sight is good enough"
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