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  1. Breaking Defense YT channel posted promotional video about Raytheon Lynx but they deleted it 5 minutes later.
  2. @Mighty_Zuk Enforcer has the range from 100m to 2000m but during tests they were able to reach 2.9km. Launcher with missile weights 9kg and FCS(Dynahawk) is about 2kg.
  3. @Conner Webb " Rubber Band Tracks are made with grade 5 rubber and reinforced with Kevlar fibre, a lightweight and non-flammable compound that protects against RPGs and high temperatures in harsh environments. Their carbon nanotubes confer twice the durability of steel tracks."
  4. Some pics of Borsuk/Badger IFV. This time with Soucy tracks instead of DST(iDST 364D). . Rest of the photos. Prototype of Leopard 2PL.
  5. Bullpup version of Grot/MSBS with 10" barrel(Grot B10 FB-M1). .
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