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  1. Yeah, you are right, it does say they have built-in ERA, I will correct it in the original post
  2. It only states that those are "detachable modules", not that it contains any ERA, the panels with two plates can be detached simultaneously, whether they contain ERA or not. Yes, the first picture is from T-72B3 obr. 2016 taken at Army 2017 forum.
  3. It wasn't meant to be cheap, but was favored for being cheaper initially, and it offered better reliability than T-64 had at the time, but again, it was based on T-64 and without it, it wouldn't be the same. Soviets wanted Nizhni Tagil, Omsk and Kharkov to all produce T-64 tanks, but after they were proposed with such ideas, Nizhni Tagil and Omsk refused and promised to deliver their alternatives, T-72, based on T-64 but with better reliablity and more simplified for production, and Omsk later presented their T-80 tank which was a failure at first, because it was comparable to T-64A at the tim
  4. Do you have some source to back up that claim, your own words aren't really enough for something like that. Which T-64, T-64 is a broad term. Well, this is internet, people insult each other all the time, I don't see why is "idiots" such a big deal. There definitely would have been, but after what time? I said that because you seem to glorify T-72 and T-80 and tend to give T-64 a hard time. If something like Object 770 came to light, T-72 and T-80 would be completely different, or wouldn't exist in the first place. I am aware of the issue T-64 had, especially with its engine, b
  5. Engine having issues starting at -5deg C? Is this a joke, I get this article was half joke, my comment was not directed to you, but to people who take all of that seriously. And I stand by what I said, if there was no T-64, there would have not been T-72 or T-80 tanks. Soviet tank development was not concetrated only in Kharkov, yes, but they Kharkov, with Morozov as a chief-designer of the project, were the first to develop such a tank, it is easy to modify an existing tank, but Morozov and his team came up with something completely new, with some outside help, but nevertheless, T-72 and T-80
  6. The article is done, I will update it when/if new information about the tank is released.
  7. Greeting everyone, many of you are familiar with this very tank, and why shouldn't you be, it's a pretty good tank. Nevertheless, I am here to give a better insight into what this tank has to offer. Where should we start, I usually like to first start off with protection, if you don't mind. PROTECTION Unlike T-90A tank which we've seen enough in the past decade, T-90M has new "Relikt" Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) which offers much better protection when compared to Kontakt-5 present on T-90A tanks. On top of having better ERA package, it is also much
  8. T-64 did have issues initially, but most of it was later resolved, T-72 tanks served as a cheap version of the tank, you idiots are bashing something that was the best tank of its time, no tank was nearly as good as T-64 in the entire world. Without T-64 there would be no T-72 or T-80 or T-90, this entire thread is people hating on T-64 simply because it is Ukrainian...
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