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  1. To me it looks like M4A2 Sherman. I mean looks similar to these http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/sherman_types/m4a2/m4a2.html http://www.pantser.net/wo2-france/w02-M4-ShermanIII.htm And I am not an expert but shouldn't like M4 Sherman have "rounded" LFP, like this Where M4A2 should have LFP angled like this If I am wrong please do let me know
  2. They have ordered 30 T-90M tanks on "Army 2017" forum and now on "Army 2018" forum they have ordered 30 more. And apparently some will be brand new, not upgraded older T-90A tanks but made from "scrap". Well some did talk how Kurganetz was not appropriate for Russian army, but apparently they have ordered a batch of them as well.
  3. Well T-80BV tanks are now being upgraded to T-80BVMs and T-90s are being upgraded to T-90Ms. So they are slowly being upgraded. But Russia doesn't have T-90s in high numbers anyway so the upgrade time should not take long. But they are ordering brand new ones as well... So that is a good start if you ask me Oh and thanks
  4. What they needed was something that they could produce in greater numbers, T-64 was superior to T-72, T-72 was a cheap copy of T-64 lacking some things that T-64 had in order to make it cheaper. T-72 was more suited for "stereotypical" Soviet tank doctrines (spamming tanks on the battlefield) but in tank to tank comparison T-64 was undoubtedly better.
  5. T-90A (variant with welded turret) is superior to T-80 tanks. The turret is rated to be around 800mm effective (with Kontakt-5) while turret of T-80U with Kontakt-5 is rated around 600-650mm. And also improved gun, 2A46M5 (got upgraded with it in 2010, originally it had 2A46M4 while T-80U had and still has 2A46M1. Basically mobility is only aspect that you could say T-80 is superior to T-90.
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