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  1. I'll be submitting a cartridge once I finish working it up, probably by the end of the week. Currently I am estimating in excess of 900ft-lb and 32 pine boards at 600 yards, and above the transonic regime to 1,000 yards. I have not downselected fancy bullet designs between a monolithic gilding metal OTM and a reverse-base-drawn exposed penetrator AP design. I have high hopes for this cartridge, and believe that it will prove quite successful.
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what else turns up aside from Toxn's and my team's stuff
  3. Question: Where do we discuss the entries, here or the submission thread?
  4. That’s not at all what I did! If anything, it’s more similar to a Pershing II
  5. In further pursuit of open discussion of the development of tracked vehicles, SNVZ is proud to offer the RSD-1 Innovator intermediate range ballistic missile complex, capable of delivering a 425kg warhead to 1,800km with sub-100m CEP, or a heavier warhead to shorter ranges. Also, the tracks have gone missing. If anyone sees them, please return them. Below is an image of the 15Zh6 Innovator ballistic missile, which should deconstruct notions of masculinity and phallic imagery via its role defending the peace-loving matriarchal society of the DPRC, and deliver rapid
  6. The answer is something like three weeks of ANSYS and a lot of research. I would have used a supersonic wind tunnel but they’re phenomenally expensive
  7. It's an Armor Piercing, Solid Fuel Ramjet-powered GLATGM with an 850mm long, 50mm diameter molybdenum tool steel penetrator, capable of killing the reference vehicle at ranges in excess of 7,500m.
  8. I have been permitted to pull back the veil of secrecy, and post a picture of the 125mm fully-tracked gun-tank Object 138, along with some vital statistics. 125mm Fully-tracked gun-tank Object 138 Heavy Tank of Novel Type Mass: <47,500kg Length: 6.76 m (hull) 15.42 m (gun forward) Width: 2.30 m Height: 2.41 m Crew: Three (Commander, Gunner, Driver)
  9. @Lord_James NLM has previously said that these are not available for vehicle armor (I already tried)
  10. Define "Armor" -- do I count the turret and hull structure, or just the armor packages?
  11. That reminds me, we should all make sure to put Prop 65 warnings on everything
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