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  1. FINAL SUBMISSION: AFV-50 — T-52 (Object 138) A Product of SierraNevadaVagonzavod Chief Designer Whatismoo Aeronautical Engineering, Drafting, Armor, and Hypervelocity Threat Projectile Testing Objects (HTPTO) A. T. Mahan Advanced Technology Bureau, Ramjet Propulsion Development Hephaestus Aetnaean Digital Computing and Hypersonics, Computational Armor Optimization: CKFinite Advanced Design Bureau Flapjack OnlySlightlyCrazy Space Operations Crazy
  2. What's this? Google tells me some post-Soviet Ukrainian development of Obj.477?
  3. Looks kind of airsofty to me, in all honesty
  4. @LoooSeR I love it :'D Is this someone's OPFOR unit?
  5. The exact percentage is currently under review, we haven't worked out the ERA package and side skirts The hull side in the depicted prototype does not stop several of the reference threats, however we are working on both a HIC side skirt and a LIC one which should provide the required protection The hull requires ERA to stop BGM-1 from the front, this has not been modeled as the ERA design is still in development.
  6. Comrades! The time of your waiting is over! I introduce to you the Sierra Nevada VagonZavod AFV-50 Gun Tank Frontal Dimensions Frontal Armor Turret Cheek Armor Array (not to scale) Top/Side Vital Statistics(as pictured): Weight : 52.6 Metric Tons Crew: 3 (Commander, Gunner, Driver) Length (hull/OAL gun forward): 6.9m/9.3m Width: 3.9m Height: 2.4m Engine: Twin Turbocharged+Supercharged V-12 Diesel (880kw/1180hp) 16.73kw/tonne / 22.4hp/tonne >70 kph on road Armament: 125mm L/48 auto-l
  7. How are you ensuring it reliably follows the same trajectory, and that that trajectory can be calculated with the mechanical/electro-mechanical computers available? How does the rocket firing inside the bore effect barrel life? Wouldn't that rapidly raise the chamber pressure? If I'm reading right aren't APCP's exhaust is not good to breathe and has a prominent signature, do you have any plans to address this?
  8. Thoughts on the Proper Use of Mechanized Forces in Defense Against the Probably Enemy to the West, Military-Scientific Thought, Summer 2250 Inspired by the current procurement of a new armored vehicle, the author has briefly made a closer study of the terrain on our axes of probable deployment, based in their experience of war in the former Nevada. The elevations in the Northern Theater of Military Affairs, excepting the Columbia Plateau on the former Oregon-Washington border and the Snake River Basin, tend towards above FL040 and in fact are often above FL050.
  9. Report from Lt. Col. [REDACTED] People's Auditory Forces Directorate of Political-Moral Reliability, Auditory and Political Officer for SNVZ and Military-Industry Liaison Officer for RFP "New Battle Tank" Today, exaltedly equal comrades of multitudinous genders, or none at all, I have wonderful news! We will be discussing the ammunition and developmental armor schemes for the SNVZ AFV-50 project. First the ammunition types. High Explosive-Fin Stabilized The primary general purpose support round for the vehicle, equipped with a standard and super quick
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