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  1. That confirms my assumption! Although the Polish made ammo is cheaper than the German one the barrel life goes down which at the end costs also money. But that depends on the training rounds fired. BTW the chart of Polish Armed Forces is very interesting, too. How many tanks are in one armoured cavalry brigade? So, how many guns will be ready to defend 🇵🇱 in 2026?
  2. It should look like this https://images.app.goo.gl/kM4YnW8HiAK89J5e9
  3. The Leopard A4 shot shows a lot of propellant burning in front of the muzzle. This means pretty bad combustion in the loading chamber. That was definitely no Rheinmetall ammo! Can you get info where the round was coming from? Was it Polish self made?
  4. Rheinmetall news: IBD Deisenroth is absorbed by Rheinmetall Protection. https://www.google.de/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.rheinmetall-defence.com/media/editor_media/rm_defence/publicrelations/pressemitteilungen/2019/2019-03-26_Rheinmetall_IBD_Deisenroth_en.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjHl6y05uHiAhXLblAKHcA6DLgQFjAQegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw3e5m2Vqd1un2Rz-ssfxgTa @SH_MM now finally this company is history! Your comment?
  5. http://imgur.com/gallery/TkK1YpI This is planned to be only applied for the one common command and control platform (Eine Kommando/Steuerplattform), see also imgur link.
  6. One great disadvantage of the Leopard A4 revolution is that the gunner's sight is not raised and the ballistic gap closed by an additional armour package. This is pretty bad for gunner's and commander's survivability if getting a hit in this weak area.
  7. MGCS timeline https://imgur.com/gallery/sP8DRpK This is the timeline they intend to use today. But note that they lost time and didn't even start the study program they are calling demonstrator phase. It's only a bunch of paper studies. The key issues are as seen at MGCS timeline https://imgur.com/gallery/sP8DRpK Which are in priority: SDRI and target allocation Effectors, 120mm+ caliber, could be 130 or 140 and HVM hyper velocity missile (IMO nobody knows for what target type that is necessary, may be against FĂĽhrerbunker from a MBT type platform C3I for command
  8. Very interesting description on the political situation. Many thanks for it. Hope that after that dispute an agreement is found where both sides of the Rhine can live with!
  9. Has anybody new of MGCS? It's so quiet and one may ask whether it's alive or not any more. Or do we hear more after European Election?
  10. Many thank for the photo. Now we are sure, Austria is forced to upgrade in the future, too ...
  11. Would be great to so a photo of the Leo 2 A4 with the Identification plate. Cannot belief that the "kaiserlichen" Austrians showed their old stuff to the " königlichen" Hungarians. If so, what a shame for Austrian Army....
  12. As far as I know that is the newest showcase tank of KMW having a lot of things proposed. On this basis the customers can do the selection of things they like to get and see it in hardware before, like touch it before get it! .
  13. @Laviduce very good work so far, when can we expect your vulnerability map? What program did you use for creating this model?
  14. The interesting thing will be what is included in the technology demonstrator! May be it will be two or three in the end: one for command & control, one for effectors and one for sensors & target acquisition. And all should get different protection weight and obility!? My fear is that it may become too close to Leopard 2, Leclerc or EMBT. But the time will show what is really needed in 2023! So only 4 years ahead not so many brand new technologies will be ready that time, I believe.
  15. @Alzoc I found at the DGA homepage the following article for DOR: [La STAT] : Initialisation et orientation - L’expression du besoin
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