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  1. Very interesting description on the political situation. Many thanks for it. Hope that after that dispute an agreement is found where both sides of the Rhine can live with!
  2. Has anybody new of MGCS? It's so quiet and one may ask whether it's alive or not any more. Or do we hear more after European Election?
  3. Many thank for the photo. Now we are sure, Austria is forced to upgrade in the future, too ...
  4. Would be great to so a photo of the Leo 2 A4 with the Identification plate. Cannot belief that the "kaiserlichen" Austrians showed their old stuff to the " königlichen" Hungarians. If so, what a shame for Austrian Army....
  5. As far as I know that is the newest showcase tank of KMW having a lot of things proposed. On this basis the customers can do the selection of things they like to get and see it in hardware before, like touch it before get it! .
  6. @Laviduce very good work so far, when can we expect your vulnerability map? What program did you use for creating this model?
  7. The interesting thing will be what is included in the technology demonstrator! May be it will be two or three in the end: one for command & control, one for effectors and one for sensors & target acquisition. And all should get different protection weight and obility!? My fear is that it may become too close to Leopard 2, Leclerc or EMBT. But the time will show what is really needed in 2023! So only 4 years ahead not so many brand new technologies will be ready that time, I believe.
  8. I got these photos from a friend participating at a symposium taking snapshots from slides presented by German army procurement officer. They identify the following technology study topics for survivability: active hard kill protection system, passive and reactive armour, combined protection system (whatever this means), and encapsulated crew compartment.
  9. No, DOR, DOC and DOR are French abbreviations from French DGA and / or MOD. FFF means Fähigkeitslücke und funktionale Forderungen, AWF means abschliessende wehrtechnische Forderungen.
  10. The time schedule requests for different phases: technology demonstrator phase till 2023 and then a total system demonstrator till 2027. This phases are controlled by the German FFF and AWF and the French DOR, DOC and DLR. @Alzoc can you tell what the French agency abbreviations mean?
  11. Thanks for your quick assessment! Do you think that the EMBT presented at Eurosatory could be a starting point for MGCS? Nexter and KMW started "to train to work together" whatever this means. And the question will be what impression the procurement agencies (DGA and Beschaffungsamt) will get from the future "work together". The Germans might not be so happy as Rheinmetall will get than a minor role in this game. Let's see how the first design study will look like which you expect to show up mid 2019.
  12. What do we hear about LoI? The German and French authorities should hurry up. Otherwise the political intention will be lost and the companies involved at both sides of the Rhine will run side by side the same way with different products. Would not be the first time: AMX30 vs Leopard 1, Leclerc vs Leopard 2 ... What next? Leclerc Scorpion vs Leopard 2 A8. @Alzoc give me you opinion!
  13. @SH_MM Sounds plausible! Thanks for your patent search.
  14. I don't believe that KMW is really using "Schüttgut" like @SH_MM assumes. I think they are using classical NERA protection design against RPGs. This is also good against blast IED, EFPs and art frags as far as I learned. So I state that they are using the same tech as IBD but in there own design and own manufactured.
  15. It would be not a good selection for the Swedish Army if they would go for Leclerc as it is not in production any more and according to @Serge would need three years for restart. I believe that no Swedish tank officer would like this tank as this army refused it in 1993. They love their Strv122. If they would have an actual need for barrels (what I cannot imagine BTW) they could do an upgrade of the Strv121 to Strv122 or something similar as a Leo 2A7V. They got originally 160 Leo 2A4 from the German Army. So they have enough to retrofit even if a few of them are used for conversion to bridgelayer tanks Leguan 2. If the procurement agency FMV is clever it should wait until there is a clear picture what is going on with MGCS.
  16. @Renegade334 as you can see your EDIT hint is working, thanks a lot!
  17. Look to the front track skirts, they are not as with Leopard A7, they are more like Leopard A4M Canada, see pic above
  18. @Renegade334 many thanks for your help! Can you also provide help for inserting .jpg in this editor using android?
  19. Can somebody give help how to insert .jpg images into this editor with Android tablet
  20. @SH_MM https://www.army-technology.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2017/09/4I-image-85.jpg This is Wisent 2 AEV Canada, protection designed by KMW.
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