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  1. https://www.janes.com/article/93094/croatia-to-receive-m2a2-ods-bradley-ifvs-from-us Seems the earlier article was somewhat accurate.
  2. Japan's Self-Defense Force has selected a new rifle, the Howa 556. It won over the SCAR-L and H&K416. http://www.jwing.net/news/19766
  3. Some concepts for tanks armed with the 152mm cannon, published in March 1959. All of them had separated ammunition stored in the bustle and the light tank concept used a turbine. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/501680.pdf
  4. Has the Army ever made definitive plans for the next numbered Abrams upgrade? I don't think I've seen mention of it outside of Wiki.
  5. It's just a dude posing with one of the vehicles they have for a photo op, I wouldn't read too much into it. Krauss-Maffei bringing it to AUSA though seems to indicate they think there's a chance, and it seems like it would be a great competitor if they could get a 50MM in the turret.
  6. The production of M1 tanks is complete; the last vehicles built were knockdown kits for the Egyptian army to assemble locally. Any potential Abrams deal to Poland would involve upgraded vehicles currently in storage.
  7. https://novac.jutarnji.hr/aktualno/planiraju-otvoriti-srediste-za-odrzavanje-oklopnog-vozila-bradley-za-ovaj-dio-europe/9553307/ This article claims that BAE Systems is interested in expanding Bradley sales to Eastern/Southern Europe, with Greece, Macedonia, Romania, and Lithuania earmarked.
  8. An adaptation of Quick kill for use against LRPs. Not sure how feasible it is, but perhaps Raytheon is revisiting it since they're working on Quick kill for the Lynx bid. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a469061.pdf
  9. Problem isn't really that it's a turbine, moreso that the design for it dates back to the mid '60's. If the Abrams had the LV100-5 like it should have, there'd be no issues.
  10. Didn't the Puma have some problem with space in the troop bay? They might have to raise the roof a bit as well.
  11. Did you manage to speak to the Puma people? Seems odd that they want to bid for NGCV with the Lynx already in play.
  12. No mention of the Decisive Lethality/Optionally Manned Tank/ whatever they're calling it this week?
  13. Journo claiming that General Dynamics will actually have two Strykers at their booth. Possibility that some other stuff was missing from their AUSA announcement? 🤔
  14. https://www.rheinmetall-defence.com/en/rheinmetall_defence/public_relations/news/latest_news/index_21632.php The Weasel and the 130MM cannon will be at AUSA next week. The Lynx prototype will not be present, but Raytheon will have some sort of digital feature on it.
  15. According to the article, they still have a chance to win the final production contract The General Dynamics vehicle delivered to the army is their final product.
  16. https://breakingdefense.com/2019/10/bradley-replacement-army-risks-third-failure-in-a-row/ Some neat things from the article on GD's OMFV >The suspension is a totally new design. The engine and transmission are totally different. Drive train is different. Exhaust placement is different >3+5 crew/passengers, all in the same compartment in the hull >360 deg. awareness from cameras >APS integrated into vehicle
  17. No offense but this is a tad hard to believe. Raytheon was working on the bid during mid-August, and selecting Textron to manufacture would've been difficult to do in a week. Possible but not likely.
  18. If they made another prototype and shipped it to Raytheon back in March/April when the RFP came out, they'd have been fine. Just the stupidest way to lose a potential 3500 vehicle contract.
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