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  1. My guess is that that is partially why the A3 is so expensive (besides the fact that they're re-rebuilding it again). AK-12 >> L85A2/L85A3 Were the "old" Daniel Defense handguards free-floating? It's interesting they didn't go back to DD for new handguards...
  2. http://soldiersystems.net/2018/10/11/-the-bushmaster-unicorn-also-known-as-acr-caliber-conversions/#comments Now available in 6.8SPC! Sturgeon's next rifle, amirite? ^^ Bushmaster - "We still haven't figured out timing matters" (FWIW, up here an OEM Bushmaster barrel etc. costs almost 1000CAD, and the rifle retails for over 3000CAD...an APC223 is cheaper than a comparable ACR)
  3. Apparently "well balanced" actually means mediocre and not able to do anything particularly well. That poster could have even bought a Mini-30!
  4. Euroweaklings think it's humane to icepick an enemy so that they slowly die of blood loss. Comrade Stalin approves! So lethal against old Soviet helmets at 500m though!
  5. SS109 is known for its lethality ^^ I love how expensive this piece of shit is. Lipstick on a pig, take #3.
  6. IIRC, The M17 is available up here through an importer (irunguns)...and IIRC less expensive than the reproduction. LOL A lot of derpy decisions are made in the firearms industry.
  7. Will probably be the case. I doubt there'll be much interest in a repro of a previously unsuccessful design. Especially at that price point. If it were a modernised Leader (done right, not like the MPAR), then the MSRP would be warranted.
  8. C6 GPMG manual (B-GL-385-004/PT-001) I've only skimmed it, but it's written for instruction on the use of the C6 (not really a user manual)
  9. American Leader T2 Introduction (YT) https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/11/15/australian-leader-t2-rifle-to-be-made-in-usa/ Lol, preordering a firearm. (how do I embed youtube videos?)
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