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  1. just a speculation the IFV in that picture look like is armed with 30mm or 40 mm?? it doesnt look like it have the dual combi 100mm and 30 mm as the armament with a fixed commander and gunner sight
  2. Pretty neat close up look at Sovremennyy-class destroyer. one of the guest of the show a former commander of the ship mention (take it with a grain of salt) that the main gun was able to shoot a P-15 termit cruise missile using the AK-630 FCS, cool to know the interchangebilty of the system
  3. that's one hella THICC BOI, with all that passive armor it must be goes beyond 60 ton
  4. new Chinese Anti air missile platform. it look like it use an AESA radar for the fire-control & target acquisition. it look kinda to big for such a platform
  5. I like how they add an external ATGM launcher on the side rather than not even bother on applying it if the gun system isnt suitable for it
  6. CrappyHead

    UAV thread

    maybe abit gorey. but anyway this is what happend when your army neglect the word "Air superiority"
  7. If its a HEAT damage there would be a circular splash wound on the outside and as u had state the left is indee a splash wound but no other damage is found around it though
  8. Indept look on the interior for TYPE 10 tank, its in japanese though
  9. might not be the most stuitable thread to talk about but whatever... Do you guys think that the operation spring fields (turkey offensive on syria) is a declaration of war (unofficially) toward the Syrian Assad gov? I mean base from the news, videos, and pictures spreading throught the internet the turk is "openly" support the "Moderate (Claim by the turk)" millitant by giving them all kind of weapons (tanks, APC, Drone, Altillery and etc) and also infantry (turk) support.
  10. how many mm at what degree ?? Insert image from URL
  11. speaking of upgrading non-composite armor tank remember chieftain MBT armor upgrade package ?? "SLAP" put on chorbam armor on it "SLAP" put on more steell!!!! REEEEE!!
  12. An obvious result lmao... with that much of add on + Leo 2a4 heavy weight what did those people think would happen..
  13. does anyone know why Leclerc gun mantlet don't have any composite armor?
  14. indonesian Leopard 2RI , Leo 2a4 and marder IVF after training exercise
  15. the way of hows naval fought has change so much since those time , modern naval ship fought each other in much longer distance than what Battleship used to fought (ex.cruise missile out range 16" gun ) modern ship prefer to defense it self by using active counter measure rather than passive armor , thats why old warship are sooo heavy dont forget too include their main armament thats one of the reason today ship survivability is really suck IMO , its a give and take ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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