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  1. France to 'intensify' actions against Islamist extremism after teacher beheaded
  2. Was that something related to names like: Jason Sharman, Malachi Hacohen, Tonio Andrade?
  3. Nobody in particular, just a discussion on that topic. A quote from that discussion would have done more justice. "First successful and popularized the massive bolt group with gas piston"
  4. So is the Hotchkiss Portative pretty much the granddad of all kinds of designs like: Chatellerault M24/29,ZB26,Stg-44,AK,Stoner 63, etc?
  5. One of the Big Oofs on the russian side, they sold those engines at prices lower then their production costs and the production costs don't even include the money spent on the R&D on those engines, hella cost on those engines to produce.
  7. Can't wait to see other countries 5th generation aircraft at least becoming a production aircraft in regular service. So there would be something to compare too. B-2 bomber doesn't get much love, even though it's pretty much the '5th' generation bomber and deserves to be in the list with the F-22, F-35.
  8. MANUALE DEI REGOLAMENTI MILITARE , B. Cetroni , 3/3 (1933) Fiat mod. 1928 Controaerei Mitragliatrice Fiat Mod. 28
  9. "Death From Above: The German FG42 Paratrooper Rifle" & "Das Fallschirmjägergewehr 42"
  10. No surprises from this row of seats.
  11. Atleast TSMC is buying it's majority of equipment for it's business in USA. From what i've read on NVIDIA, it's moving business to Artificial Intelligence and such and their GPU will follow that industry: parallelism orientated GPU's for neural networks, etc. Here comes Cyberdyne and it's multi processor T-800, the dudes from the '90 knew it all along!
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