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  1. Any word on what the 360 degree protection requirement was for? Or even some rough ballpark of what they wanted it to be able to resist?
  2. Oh, it might. I was just thinking through the basic requirements, and I don't recall what percentile soldiers the OMFV is required to seat.
  3. Two Pumas would fit in a C-17 in class A protection, right? They'd just need a 50mm gun on there.
  4. (first time poster--been lurking too long) I believe "TOW-ER" is the old designation for TOW 2B Aero, which has some sort of redesign of the nose and a longer guidance wire for a range of 4.5 km. It also has a flyover top attack profile and a dual-EFP warhead. There are also wireless-guided versions available. All that said, I'd much rather see a more advanced missile system in OMFV.
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