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  1. Agree that tracked is definitely the best platform to go for such a task. Puma would start at 10M€ per vehicle. ACSV seems not a bad idea. Data I found is around 1M€ per vehicle but doubt that FFG is considered. Lynx could be am option if Puma fails to increase readiness. But I am pretty sure that it will be Boxer since it is known, has right company name, ~3.5M€ pricetag and a performace that will do the job in some way.
  2. Rheinmetall writes the shopping list for BAAIN so nothing to worry about 😂. Next points on the list are - Lynx instead of Puma - Kodiak instead of Wisent
  3. None. There are 20 Leo 2A7 delivered so far. Germany is currently upgrading 104 to Leo 2A7V. Further there will be Leo 2A6A4 which final goal will be close to Leo 2A7V. Difference towards 2A7V are mine protection, no APU. I guess no AoA for the chassis in the front and no AC for the turret (not sure others might know better).
  4. Dachs AEV to Leopard 2 AEV. Buffel ARV to Buffel A1. Biber AVLB to Leguan.
  5. Yes, having some more users will definitely be a plus for you down under. And I am pretty sure that Lynx was a bit in front of Redback (my feeling) up to now since Australia seems to do good work with RLS (Boxer, MAN trucks etc.). Further Korea (my opionion as well - many will see it different) was allways good in doing better copies of existing vehicles (K9 - M109; K2 - Leo2/Leclerc, normal cars as well) but I am not so sure if you what to go with something really new. Besides RLS has many good vehicles as references, too. I will follow the testing phase of L400 and ma
  6. Interesting but hard to tell how much quality is behind the decision. The Czech tested IFVs at least (maybe HUN had access). Hungary seems to buy a lot of German vehicles (which is quality stuff for sure) but it doesn't seem a real competition. I like what Australia is doing. Building prototypes, add their requirments and test against them.
  7. Well, that is basically what I have read and heared at different scources as well. That is why I can't understand why Puma is around in the media everywhere because that are all customer failures (except software). If almost all failure are on my side I wouldn't think about a replacement..
  8. I think the aim is to put KMW under pressure. But it is very clear that Lynx/CV90 are no real options. ~400 Puma with ~10M€ each + development cost + spare parts means maybe around 5 billion € wasted with some more 3.5 to be spent for CV90s. They will pay another billion to remove the most common child sicknesses and live with what is left.
  9. Might be exhaust air of the heater.
  10. This wouldn't have been something I'd complain about but the positive thing is that good looking in military means nothing as long as the vehicle does its job.
  11. Is that standard Leopard 2 testing?
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