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  1. Well, Flensborg is Danmark's southernmost port that is located on the German borderside. If you be there you will understand - it is simply a mix of both countries and so is FFG on my opionion. It is true that M133 upgread led to G5 but G3 and G4 are/were used in DK as well. Wisent 1 and Wisent 2 have both lots of input from Danish user side in their veins and Bundeswehr rejected both (BPz2000 and Wisent 2 AEV) for a worse technical solution.
  2. Well, FFG is partly more a Danish company than a German one as I see it. At least the northen axis is much stronger in its relationship than down south incl. German Bundeswehr. That might be why their products are seen in a different way from Danish perspective. Personally I think that the G5 was/is very good in performance but the prototype production quality could not reach quality of CV90. But that might be prototype VS series. Lets wait and see when the ACSV gets a chance to show some muscles.
  3. Love to see old Leopard 1 vehicles getting what they deserve. Easy and smart to do some enhancements and they still do a very good job. I would guess that additional Leo 2 support will mean that the 2A4 hulls will be used for that since there is almost nothing else available. But most interesting part will be to see if there will be some K2NO.
  4. No problem with promoted information but am I the only one not liking that trashy looking red/white webside? Doesn't look very professional to me.
  5. M113 looks like a power pack size compared to Lynx.
  6. Yes but EMC and power grid is more tricky on electric due to electrical spikes. So radio communication might be affected and other electrical components, too.
  7. Well money needs to be found for everything and MBTs are more important and still not done yet. Class 2 should support CV90 as well (at least how I see it) and that would be tricky for a ACSV (aluminium version) at least from protection and weight perspective (but Leopard 2 ARVs can fill that gap for front line duty and maybe already do in eFP). If it comes to value for money there is nothing that can beat a good, old Leopard 1 ARV but maybe a K1 ARV comes into play as well (if korean way is chosen).
  8. Great to see the ACSV G5 coming into action on one side but sad to see Leopard 1 going out of service. I always liked that vehicle a lot.
  9. Agree that tracked is definitely the best platform to go for such a task. Puma would start at 10M€ per vehicle. ACSV seems not a bad idea. Data I found is around 1M€ per vehicle but doubt that FFG is considered. Lynx could be am option if Puma fails to increase readiness. But I am pretty sure that it will be Boxer since it is known, has right company name, ~3.5M€ pricetag and a performace that will do the job in some way.
  10. Rheinmetall writes the shopping list for BAAIN so nothing to worry about 😂. Next points on the list are - Lynx instead of Puma - Kodiak instead of Wisent
  11. None. There are 20 Leo 2A7 delivered so far. Germany is currently upgrading 104 to Leo 2A7V. Further there will be Leo 2A6A4 which final goal will be close to Leo 2A7V. Difference towards 2A7V are mine protection, no APU. I guess no AoA for the chassis in the front and no AC for the turret (not sure others might know better).
  12. Dachs AEV to Leopard 2 AEV. Buffel ARV to Buffel A1. Biber AVLB to Leguan.
  13. Yes, having some more users will definitely be a plus for you down under. And I am pretty sure that Lynx was a bit in front of Redback (my feeling) up to now since Australia seems to do good work with RLS (Boxer, MAN trucks etc.). Further Korea (my opionion as well - many will see it different) was allways good in doing better copies of existing vehicles (K9 - M109; K2 - Leo2/Leclerc, normal cars as well) but I am not so sure if you what to go with something really new. Besides RLS has many good vehicles as references, too. I will follow the testing phase of L400 and ma
  14. Interesting but hard to tell how much quality is behind the decision. The Czech tested IFVs at least (maybe HUN had access). Hungary seems to buy a lot of German vehicles (which is quality stuff for sure) but it doesn't seem a real competition. I like what Australia is doing. Building prototypes, add their requirments and test against them.
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