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  1. According to social media,Hezbollah fired a kornet missile to merkava yesterday.Somes claimd that merkava was attacked in the viedo,but it is too blurry that I only saw tank and smoke( ESS worked? ). IDF said "No injuries to IDF troops were reported".So what happened ?
  2. Old article about KE2020,Introduced different schemes http://zbiam.pl/artykuły/skuteczna-amunicja-do-polskich-leopardow-2/ The tagert is to simulate turret armour of new Russian tanks?
  3. R17A4?http://leopardclub.ca/Spotlight/Canada/2A4M-CAN/DH-1/
  4. MK3 be hit?I guess MK3 and MK4 use different type of armor.
  5. I know warthunder is not equal to the real world,just curious whether it is very far from the truth . The hull side without composite shirt of L2A5 in game world: UP part:35mm+10mm low part:20mm/43 degr =equal to 32mm M1A2 UP part:27.6mm+6mm low part :30mm ZTZ 96:50mm+8mm rubber skirt According to the some chinese military forums ,the 14.5mm DGJ02 penetrate 20/50 derg at 1000m.(I do not know whether it is true). I confirm 50mm hull side of ZTZ96 is real,ZTZ99 and ZTZ99A may have same protection in the area.
  6. I think supplier of the picture service called“TU图” did some bad thing,I need to say sorry to the victim. Back to the problem,I guess the A7V brodean area of patch compared to the A7.
  7. It is a German 2A7,http://tieba.baidu.com/p/6038632857?pid=124142068677&cid=#124142068677, A7V,http://tieba.baidu.com/p/6038632857?pid=124142068677&cid=#124142068677,the photos were collected by a Chinese model player.
  8. You are talking about the hull side?I saw a picture of A7.
  9. Do you have source that the turnnion is solid?My friend think it is empty like leopard 1.
  10. I have a question. How did the Rheinmetall improve the armor behind the EMES-15?The turret of the leopard 2 with AMAP looks very thick but the armor at this point seems weak.
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