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  1. Carl Sagan once said: " There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question" And he was an astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist...etc , overall, pretty knowledgeable guy. Arguably far more knowledgeable than anyone here can even dream to be, yet he don't oppose the act of asking "stupid" question. Personally, i would rather ask "stupid" question than pretend to know something i don't and stay ignorance.
  2. From some source that i was able to find, it seem that they was able to overcome the communication issue (plasma sheath) thanks to powerful transmitter and unique antenna arrangement. http://www.decadecounter.com/vta/pdf/ABM Research & Development at Bell Laboratories - Project History [1975-10].pdf Though on the other hand, you brought up interesting point, because these missiles fly very quick, they probably pierce through the atmosphere to very high altitude before they can change direction.
  3. Nuclear warhead for interceptor could also be useful when you are attacked by multiple ballistic missiles. Furthermore, as far as i know, one of the reason THAAD, PAC-3, GDI use hit to kill method instead of blast warhead is due to the extreme closure rate between the interceptor and the RV => the fragments of HE warhead don't move fast enough to destroy RV, so we can predict that nuclear warhead is useful also because the neutrons rays can move faster than normal HE warhead fragments. Why do you think my link doesn't support my claim? They clearly stated that Sprint is accurate enoug
  4. I think it could be very simple At speed of 4 km/s, the distance of 40 km is covered in 10 seconds. In 10 seconds, your fighter fly at Mach 1 sea level can move at most 3.3 km in any direction from the original position. The 1 Mt nuclear warhead has: Fire ball radius of 0.97 km 5 psi air blast radius of 7.3 km 3 degrees thermal radiation burn radius of 12.2 km. In my opinion, the missile don't even need to turn.
  5. That was a myth: http://www.nuclearabms.info/Sprint.html These ABM was equipped with nuclear warhead so that they can hit multiple RV at the same time. Another thing i want to add: PRS-1M is a very new missile, recently introduced.
  6. That probably true, but SAM don't need to match the turn radius of fighter to intercept them. For interceptor what important about the target is the distance deviated from original course. A target moving at 100 km/h, but can turn 50 degrees/second is easier to intercept than another target moving at Mach 10, and can turn only 5 degrees/sec. Secondly, these missiles have nuclear warhead, and given their massive detonation/lethal radius (13 km) + the missiles super speed (mach 7-17) , i don't think they even need to turn, just launch toward the general direction of target and detona
  7. Thermal radiation burn of 1 Mt nuke is 13 km btw https://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/
  8. I think not all ABM lack kinematic capability, for example 53T6 is able to intercept incoming re-entry vehicles at a distance of 80 km. The missile achieves speeds of approximately Mach 17 (20,826 km/h; 12,941 mph; 5.7849 km/s) with maximal load manoeuvre capability is 210 g longitudinal and 90 g transverse. That is far better than any fighters, beside, all these ABM are equipped with nuclear warhead. In case of 51T6, the warhead yield is 2 megaton even. So even a near miss is highly destructive
  9. There is some bug with the earlier post that i can't edit , sorry, posted again For just a moment, let say cost and logistic is not an issue, and these following SAM are your only available weapons, can they be used against normal aircraft (such bomber or fighter)? if it is possible, how effective are they?. If it isn't possible then why? 1- Sprint The Sprint was a two-stage, solid-fuel anti-ballistic missile (ABM), armed with a W66 enhanced-radiation thermonuclear warhead used by the United States Army. It was designed to intercept incoming reentry vehicles(RV) a
  10. For just a moment, let say cost and logistic is not an issue, and these following SAM are your only available weapons, can they be used against normal aircraft (such bomber or fighter)? if it is possible, how effective are they?. If it isn't possible then why? 1- Sprint
  11. Why does pointy projectile create jamming? Can you elaborate, i dont get it
  12. Thanks everyone for these great answer: So basically to simplify Btw, does anyone have answer for the bonus question about 50 m supershot round ?
  13. I know APFSDS have very thin body because the more smaller the impact area, the higher the pressure with the same amount of force, therefore the round can penetrate deeper than if it was fat and short However, one thing i don't understand, why is the internal penetrating steel/tungsten core have such a blunt nose? not only that make the impact area bigger, it also mean the "real" perpetrator is effectively shorter. So what is the point? Bonus question: why does the 50 mm super shot have a blunt nose? isn't that draggier ? i know it is a sabot round
  14. wow where did you got that
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