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  1. Several of my relatives served on T-55 and I have never heard them complaining that it was too cramped. I don't even think there was any limit on how tall the tankers in ČSLA must have been but I have to ask to confirm that. The thing is that T-54 was 9 tons lighter and much smaller than slightly older Panther but its armor and armament were way better.
  2. That's nonsense, sorry. The issue in shooting down UAVs is not about the weapons used but about the sensor suite to find, track and aim. It doesn't matter if you use laser, missiles or cannons if you can't find the target. The main advantage of laser is that it doesn't need to reload.
  3. Indonesia seems to be interested as well. The letter of intent was recently signed.
  4. Czech IFV competition takes another delay. The date for final offers was moved from 1st July to 1st September (officially per request of the bidders) which effectively means that the final decision was thrown on another government (parlamentary elections are scheduled on 8-9th October) and it is very likely that it won't be taken even this year...
  5. Drone/loitering munition. That could be right. It looks like it has foldable wings.
  6. IMHO the Polish deal is the only chance for K2 to break into EU because it is itself large enough to justify building a factory there. Once such factory exists more European customers will definitely join but without Poland the other possible deals for K2 are too small in my opinion.
  7. Beer

    UAV thread

    In other words you believe that shooting down unmanned drones in support of "poor opressed ethnic Russians" would trigger article 5 in a way which would lead to a NATO military action against Russia. You can believe in that, let's leave it that way.
  8. Beer

    UAV thread

    Basically all of that footage is from Osa which is outranged by TB2+MAM-L (comparison of engagement envelopes clearly shows that). That is a case which I described before. The key which allowed that was supressing the alrerady weak medium-high altitude AD. That was done mainly by Harops (mainly that 40 years old S-300PS battery) and partially by Armenians themseves (having their Su-30 in non-mission capable state). The Su-25 was shot down during low-altitude mission. We don't know if its mission could have been carried out by TB2. Maybe not. TB2 has tiny payload (30x less than Su-25) and it can't be used to attack number of targets which Su-25 can. Logically the Azeris probably used the Su-25 in missions for which TB2 was useless. TB2 can not engage buildings, hardened shelters or undeground tunnels for example. You wrote about the article 5 in relation to the little green men and I reacted. That was not about direct Russian state attack hence why I don't know why you start with it now. I'm sorry but comprehension issue is on your side or you intentionally derail the topic you started yourself. Anyway if Russians attacks directly, having few TB2 changes nothing. If the Russians use local insurgency instead they won't let them unsupported. The key is that if they decide to start such local conflict they will do that in a way which can succeed. The rebel slaughter through drones is completely predictable scenarion which means that anyone with half of his brain would start such operation only if preventive actions are taken already during the planning. In other words they didn't hesitate to wipe out the Ukrainean air force in support of the rebels and if they do apply such rebelion again they will give it necessary support again.
  9. Beer

    UAV thread

    Those AD systems were neutralized by EW means or they were short-range system not capable to reach TB2. TB2 knocked them down when they werfe defenceless. Of course it's useful but any other aircraft or combat drone could do the same job. I do mind. Do you know what is written in article 5? I seriously doubt you do. Article 5 doesn't specify in any way how NATO countries shall react, that is entirely on them to choose. They can send a train of medical equipment or strongly condemn the action and that's it... and in the real world this is exactly what will happen if local Russians in Latvia start insurgency.
  10. Well, it's the the military who sets the requirements. The manufacturers only offer solution to those requirements.
  11. Beer

    UAV thread

    Yet it's very debatable for what country like Poland could use it. It's very effective for figting a guerilla or a weak military with terrible AD and no airforce but I fail to find an enemy like that for Poland. Countries with modern AD, EW means and airforce are not really vulnerable to slow drones like TB2. People tend to see the success of Azeris through the sexy videos from TB2 but it was loitering munitions and EW which cleared them way. The rest is quality marketing from Turkish side. As for the little green men. In Europe those have been operating stricly in close proximity of Russian borders and Russians didn't really hesitate to decimate the Ukrainean airforce even by cross-border fire. I bet that shooting down combat jet planes is much harder than TB2.
  12. What kind of different materials? There is number of existing solution for multi-material 3D printing. It's rather commonly available for plastics but you can find metalic or ceramic ones too, albeit I guess that those are crazy expensive. Just google and you'll find a lot of reading about different technologies from different companies.
  13. I remember seeing somewhere that statistically in Afghanistan or Iraq around 95% of projectiles fired on the vehicles have been RPG-7 hence it still makes a lot of sense to defend against the old threats if those are the far most common ones. The issue is that anything able to stop more advanced rounds is way more expensive than simple slats. In the end if one of hundred RPGs fired is RPG-29 it makes no real impact on the operation even if it sucks for the particular crew whose vehicle was hit by it.
  14. As N-L-M wrote the principle of slat armor is different, it cuts the fuze of very old HEAT warheads like PG-7 or LAW-66 (I think). There is very little effect on HEAT warhead if it detonates at standoff distance offered by the slat armor. Something like 30-50 cm standoff distance can help if there is heavy tank armor behind but it has basically no protgective effect on lighter vehicles. There used to be a video on youtube of an RPG-18 (which is an old weapon with just 64 mm calibre) easily penetrating a BTR protected by slat armor all the way through in and and out.
  15. Nagmachon says they did much better job in the past
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