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  1. A guy in Eastern Bohemia was searching for historical remnants with a metal detector... he found 338 mortar rounds from WW2 burried some 1,5 meters deep underground. The article states it's 82 mm calibre, i.e. Soviet one. There were partizan units operating in these forests at the end of the war. Could be their ammo dump even though that would have to be from the last days of war because normally they used ony small arms and explosives in this area (the most prominent group active in that forest was an intelligence unit of Soviet 1st Ukrainean front lead by major Charitonov enlarged by escaped
  2. It's nonsense out of principle. What KE means? There are plenty of KE penetrators with completely different performance. In extreme that can be whatever since WW2 till today.
  3. What is that gigantic tube attached at the front? That is not on the bare AN/PVS-2.
  4. Maybe an interesting point here - Czechoslovakia operated 10 Me-262 after the war - seven S-92 (A-1a) and three CS-92 (B-1a). These planes were all built post-war - partially from wartime material, partially from newly produced parts (a lot of those were produced in Czechoslovakia already during the WW2). Four were made of unfinished airframes (LBB production), the rest from planes found on various airfields. Surprisingly they weren't many despite the fact that most of the remaining Me-262 units fought from airfields in Bohemia at the end of war. The planes were partially destroyed by fighting
  5. Elta won Slovak tender for new 3D AD radars (medium, short, very-short range). Slovakia will buy six ELM-2084M-MMR, five ELM-2084S-MMR and six ELM-2138M. After Czechia and Hungary it's third Central European country which decided to buy Elta radars (logically all three neighbours can share certain part of service, training and mainteanance). https://www.armadninoviny.cz/slovensko-nakoupi-17-izraelskych-3d-radiolokatoru.html
  6. GSh-30-2 brrrrrrr (no idea where the video was taken)
  7. USS Georgia filmed by Iranian helicopter near the straight of Hormuz where Iranians hold navy excercise. For some reason sailing only on periscope depth giving Iranians nice chance to track it and gather data such as accoustic profile.
  8. How is it supposed to work? That's purely secondary property and hardly a reason to carry it. The reason for slat armor existence is increase of surivability for the cost of extra weight, ridiculous dimensions, worse driving performance and harder accessability of most of the vehicle area. However it works only against very old HEAT grenades and only sometimes. It doesn't work against ATGM and newer RPGs at all (even against pretty old ones like RPG-18). When the vehicle is equipped with APS, which can deal with all those threats much better, there is no reason to dimini
  9. Why to install slat armour on a vehicle with APS? Slat armour severly degrades vehicle mobility and somewhat protects only against very old anti-tank weapons which shall be an easy prey for the APS.
  10. Some recently uploaded very rare footage from Czech Institute of military history. It's Czechoslovak team from 1937 Zürich Air Show. Four Avia B-534 reached second place in all air racing disciplines behind Germany (Bf-109B) but ahead of other teams (France, Italy, UK, Belgium and maybe some more). One of the pilots was František Peřina who later became the first Czechoslovak fighter ace of WW2 flying as a number two of French squadron leader Jean Accart in the famous CG I/5 "Cigognes". He shot down up to 14 German planes (12 confirmed, 2 probable) before being badly injured over Paris (he man
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