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  1. Sorry if off-topic but I guess this would be interesting for you. I have just finished reading the chronicle of Czechoslovak tank brigade in USSR and since this was the only our tank unit on the eastern front (and the first unit to reach today's Czech Republic territory) and a relatively small unit, it's pretty well documented and researched day by day, name after name, tank after tank. I'm giving here some confirmed numbers from Ostrava operation which was in a way comparable to Berlin thrust. The battle was fought in the same time (but it took twice longer and even fighting for
  2. Long video about Dana M2 Ukrainean trials (in Ukrainean language), production of the SPGs in Ukraine. EA representative says that the vehicles can be later upgraded to Dita by replacing the turret and updating the FCS. Otherwise I understand only few bits here and there.
  3. Is the Lone state of Texas even able to produce high heat reistant alloys for turbine vanes?
  4. 1943 comparison trials of Soviet and German helmets: https://warspot.net/43-whose-helmet-was-better
  5. British trials of the Panther, both war-time and post-war: https://warspot.net/342-a-german-cat-in-king-george-s-court
  6. I'm currently reading the chronicle of Czechoslovak tank brigade in USSR (WW2) and I have stumbled upon two interesting things (among many others). During fighting on Ondava river in December 1944 (behind Dukla pass) the unit's SU-85 allegedly successfully used AA timed shells (for 52-K) against German observation post on the cliff on the other side of the river. Are there other reports about using AA munion in SU-85 or T-34/85? And for the lulz... The December 1944 fighting on the Ondava river was on a static line because the units were exhausted after bitter fightin
  7. Alleged footage of super-low bombing run of an Armenian Su-25 during the war.
  8. A brief (hopefully) bit deadly conflict errupted between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. There are dozens of ddead confirmed (31 dead including civilians on Kyrgyz side alone). It seems that just like with the Chinese-Indian conflict the core of the dispute is control of water sources.
  9. Photos from the military trials scrutineering of the three contenders for the Czech IFV tender. Interestingly the CV90 is on rubber tracks while the ohters on metalic ones. https://www.idnes.cz/zpravy/nato/bvp-obrana-metnar-havlicek-vlada-pasove-vozidla-armada-vybor.A210428_131259_zpr_nato_inc/foto/nahledy
  10. Sprut-SDM with some addon armor seems to be a logical choice also because of ammo commonality with the T-90S but...
  11. Yes, it is still in the tender although there was no noise whatsoever about it for months. Only KMW left the competition due to the change of requirements. The final trials shall start any day and will finish on 6th June. Few more photos of the CV-90 CZ here: https://www.idnes.cz/zpravy/nato/bvp-testovani-ascod-lynx-cv90-armada-zakazka-obrana.A210426_155418_zpr_nato_inc/foto/nahledy#INC8afde1_IMG_4472red.jpg
  12. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't the only major thing taken from the T-43 to the T-34/85 the turret and even that one with different gun? I mean the torsion bar suspension, the new gearbox, removal of bow-gunner/radio operator, different fuel tanks and other new features never migrated to the T-34 and thus claiming that T-43 evolved into T-34/85 seems to me to be a bit over the top.
  13. I wonder what's the point of this obsession with propaganda-driven made-up stats of several individuals leaving the other millions of common German soldiers looking like a useless inept crowd. That applies twice more if those individuals are hardcore nazi from SS. That's not only weird but also rather sick fetish.
  14. Are you really comparing that with total losses of two entire armies? Get real. Tens of thousands of German soldiers contributed to those soviet losses.
  15. Let's switch to small arms for a moment with a very special SMG which actually saw some combat during WW2 - the ZK-383 which is a particularly interesting weapon of a kind of its own... I have added some more info bellow which adds to what Ian said (most of his information is correct aside of mixing ČZ and ZB companies). It's a product of Zbrojovka Brno (ZB) designed by Josef Koucký in 1938. The weapon was first tested in September 1938 too late for being addopted by the Czechoslovak army and moreover at the time when MOD already addopted much cheaper and si
  16. It doesn't matter at all how the battle is called, what matters is the beating the Nazis suffered around there.
  17. This is also humble Nazi reporting... On 29th April 1945 Karl Körner from SS S.Pz.Abt 503 was awarded a Knight's cross for destruction of over 100 tanks in the past week including an encounter in which he claimed destruction of 39 tanks in matter of several minutes (that was supposed to be part of an encounter in which his platoon of three Königstigers allegedly destroyed 11 IS-2 and 120-150 T-34 at once, i.e. roughly 3 brigades destroyed with 3 tanks). Not John Rambo, not even Topper Harley could do this. With all seriousness the only person ever walking this Earth capable of so
  18. Man, millions and millions of automatic gearboxes in past eighty years all around the Globe have been equipped with torque converter. If you never heard about the most common coupling solution in automatic gearboxes, it means without any doubt that you have zero clue about transmissions and since differentials are rather difficult topic to grasp I think you shall not argue about them. Even what you just wrote is simply stupid.
  19. That tank at the back looks indeed like a Sherman M4A2(76)W. It could be a mistake in the report but the fuel consumption doesn't add up, it is way too high for a diesel tank, albeit 3 tons heavier than M4A4. As for the torque converter. When driving very slow and uphill it makes a great difference - that's one of the reasons why it exists in first place. In very slow speeds the torque converter works like a torque multiplier. That's not possible with the mechanical clutch and transmission. The reason is simple - when a clutch is engaged the engine RPM and the vehicle speed is bou
  20. Video compilation from the Military Historical Intitute related to the 1938. You can see a lot of shots mainly from 1938 including May partial and September full mobilization. You can see a lot of weapons such as tanks LT vz.35, tankettes Tč vz.33, Avia B-534, Avia/Fokker F-IX, Aero/Bloch MB-200 planes, light howitzers vz.30 and heavy ones vz.37, light field guns vz.17 and vz.30, AT guns vz.37, mountain guns vz.15, AA guns vz.22, heavy mortar vz.16, mortar vz.17, HMG vz.24, LMG vz.26, some fortifications and of course rifles vz.24 (Mauser). The troops use mainly helmets vz.30 but some still h
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