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  1. All three bidders sent their final offers in the Czech IFV tender before the deadline. All three vehicles also meet the set of requirements. The final decision will come soon but due to the fact that the parlamentary ellections will be held at the beginning of October the decision may be taken only by the next government. https://www.idnes.cz/zpravy/nato/bvp-lynx-ascod-cv90-obrana-armada-passive-obrnence-pechoty.A210901_185613_zpr_nato_inc
  2. Allegedly the first round which was won by the almighty Royal British Rolling Bunker was launched with engines off.
  3. Few days back the ill-fated Il-112V project suffered another setback when the prototype crashed killing all three crewmembers onboard. The crash occured because of massive engine fire at low speed and altitude possibly combined with non-functional propeller feathering system (not confirmed yet). There is a lot of talk about the TV7-117ST engines being source of constant troubles all the time through the development (aside of issues with airframe weight and center of gravity). Video of the accident
  4. I read that one of those old Sea Knights currently used by US embassy in Kabul actually served in Vietnam in 1967-1970 (154038).
  5. And now it's all over. That was fast...
  6. Taliban defeated Rashid Dostum and Ata Noor forces in Mazar i Sharif and the remains of their forces are trying to flee into Uzbekistan. This is only today. With this speed the ANA will cease to exist in matter of days and Kabul will be the last government controlled territory already next week... Taliban AF in action
  7. Russian Navy brand new Beriev BE-200 RF-88450 crashed on a firefighting mission in Turkey. All eight people onboard died in the crash. Video of the accident and a photo of the wreckage under the link: https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20210814-0 From the video it looks to me that the crew probably misjudged the climb they needed to take to get over the mountain.
  8. According to this article (about weight growth of modern vehicles and the impact in Czech specific conditions) the weight of IFV contenders (in specification from Czech tender) is following: CV-90 Mk4 37 metric tons, ASCOD 2 42 tons, Lynx KF-41 44 tons. The article mentions that AS-21 has 42 tons (presumably in Australian configuration). https://www.czdefence.cz/clanek/armada-ceske-republiky-versus-hmotnost-obrnene-techniky
  9. As the collapse of the ANA continues, Taliban keeps acquiring aircraft for its own AF...
  10. The ammo belt is specific for the Rheinmetall gun not the ammo itself. The issue is that you can't feed the MK30-2 from MK44 ammo belts. This.
  11. First photos of Ukrainean Neptum ASM installled on Tatra chassis (replacement of KrAZ which seems to have gone bankrupt). The system may be ordered as well by Indonesia according to some sources.
  12. Taliban captured 9th provincial capital (Fayzabad) and also two military airports (Kunduz and Sheberghan) with plenty of machinery including several (some possibly working) helicopters, among them at least one Mi-24V (ex-Belarus, ex-India). There are rumors some pilot(s) defected. Several other major cities are being fought for (Laskar Gah, Kandahar, Ghazni, Mazar-i-Sharif, Herat)
  13. Why not to test the heaviest possible configuration? I mean Trophy or TUSK equipped vehicles are heavier than this one.
  14. Beer

    UAV thread

    A policeman in Doksy, Czechia, caught (by hand) a small drone flying next to his head over a parking lot. It turned out that the drone was carrying a bag of meth (photo under the link) https://www.idnes.cz/liberec/zpravy/drogy-dron-doksy-policie-straznik-pervitin-dealer.A210810_094205_liberec-zpravy_lav
  15. Czech army recently received first 65 Land Cruisers (of 1200 ordered 500 will be supplied this year) to replace ancient UAZ and somewhat never but still old Land Rovers as a general utility vehicle.
  16. Taliban keeps steamroling through Afghanistan capturing 8 province capital cities in some 5 days. Oryx keeps track on visually confirmed losses of ANA machinery. In some two months... 10 helicopters, 11 tanks, 681 HMMWV (!), 745 Ford Ranger, 292 Navistar 7000, 38 M1117, 6 MaxxPro, 32 D-30 howitzers and plenty of other stuff. https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2021/06/disaster-at-hand-documenting-afghan.html
  17. TBH it looks like one of the design requirements was as high center of gravity as possible.
  18. It could have been shot down also by SAA. There is this footage from Aleppo area from the very same day. Pro-SAA sources first claimed it was TAI Anka, later switched to MQ-4C Triton (WTF?) but no wreckage was shown.
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