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  1. Of all the western tanks only Leclerc has bustle autoloader.
  2. The time schedule seems to be impossible to me. I read elsewhere that there is an internal bay for 3x RVV-SD (or 2 AGM/bombs) and two small internal bays for one RVV-MD each and that the target running cost is on Gripen level, i.e. super cheap. Can you confirm?
  3. A new detail about Czech Spyder acquisition. The number of batteries is four as already announced but now we know that each battery is going to have three Python-5 launchers and one Derby launcher together with one Elta EL/M-2084 radar. The complete system will be mounted on Tatra 815-7 vehicles but that's hardly a surprise (moreover when Spyder was already addapted for Tatra chassis in India).
  4. It won't take less than ten-fifteen years before it will be operational.
  5. Not only that. Besides the unit rotations the US Army is also building an Army Prepositioned Stock-2 in Powidz in central Poland (next to a Polish AF transport airbase). This storrage base shall permanently house 82 Abrams, 130 Bradley and 16 Paladins.
  6. It's not dumb. Having M1A2C offers full compatibility with 1st US ABCT stationed in Poland. The deal is probably more advantageous to US than to Poland because it gives US a support and supply chain paid by Polish tax payers but it has also a value for Poland. Buing more Leopards and becoming fully dependent on German policy makers in a situation when Polish and German governments are at odds would be trully dumb. The Leopard 2 is a great system but there is a lot more to take into account than only the vehicles alone.
  7. Slovak MOD presented a plan to acquire 500 8x8 AFVs and 228 tracked AFVs till 2035. The acquisition shall happen in five stages with first deliveries already in next year. We'll see how much of this ambitious plan comes true. Anyway in the first phase they want to buy 76 8x8 vehicles (mostly IFV) and 156 tracked vehicles (again mostly IFV + some command vehicles, ARV and training ones). In the second phase they shall buy another 72 tracked vehicles but only 6 in IFV variant and the rest in a mix of heavy APC, mine clearing vehicles, mortar carriers or engineering vehicles. For the IFV they request 3+7 crew, 30-40 mm cannon. The wheeled vehicles shall be amphibious (i.e. no Boxer). ATM the talk is about Lynx, CV-90 or ASCOD as the tracked vehciles and Pandur II, AMV or Rosomak as the 8x8. All three tracked vehicles were already presented to Slovak army. Official document: https://www.mosr.sk/data/files/4410_zamer-projektu-pre-obstaranie-bov-8x8.pdf
  8. Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft
  9. While I'd choose different name for marketing something in Texas I'd also choose not to be oversensitive about this particular thing because there is nothing Nazi about it. It's pure technical acronym which the Germans simply love by nature. VK = Versuchskampfwagen = research combat vehicle, the first number stands for the weight and the number behind the decimal point stands for the particular variant
  10. Few words about the let's say hottest issue about Czech IFV tender which got to public at the end of April. As I wrote here already at that time the minister of industry and trade (who is a deputy prime minister) suddenly went on public with a request to change the offset criteria. Two weeks later it was revealed by media that Rheinmetall offered basically what the minister asked for in a letter addressed to the prime minister on 9th December 2020. In short in the original requirements the MOD (both ministers are from the same party btw.) requested the final assembly and the service of the vehicles to be done under a licence in a full state-owned company VOP (for which MOD has little use now) and the total amount of the offset programme not to be under 40% of the total price of the deal. Rheinmetall on the other hand offered to build a new facility within its own Ústí nad Labem (right at the German border) automotive plant which would be owned by a company shared by Rheinmetall and Czech Republic (51/49%). This company would be responsible for R&D and production of medium calibre turret systems (for any Rheinmetall vehicles or contracts) and a final assembly of Czech vehicles (at least). It would be also a licence holder for the vehicle. The complete hulls would be produced in Hungary while Hungary would get turrets from Czech Republic and do the final assembly in Hungary. Rheinmetall offered to add potential future contracts such as for Slovakia in the future portfolio. Rheinmetall also confirmed in the letter that it already signed contracts with some Czech subcontractors related to the Hungarian deal and that they intend to enlarge Czech subdeliveries to armor components, APS components and electro-optical devices. From Rheinmetall side all is very logical. They would optimize their production chain in Europe and also the product price which would likely allow them to grow their sales to another countries. The total offset value for Czech republic would be likely higher as well but the state-owned enterprise VOP would be put aside and Rheinmetall would keep control over the production facility. Most likely very little would change for the local subcontractors who often already supply Rheinmetall anyway. It's not publically known what other competitors offered but it is reasonable to consider this situation to be a primary reason why they reqested to prolong the deadline for the final offer. In any case now it is clear that this government won't put the final stamp on the contract and it is very likely that neither of the two current ministers will have a word in the final decision... The Rheinmetall letter (in Czech) is here (scan): https://www.irozhlas.cz/zpravy-domov/bojova-vozidla-pechtoy-havlicek-metnar_2105101112_pj
  11. Excalibur Kapa, amphibious transport for Indonesian competition to replace PTS-10 (54 to be bough): https://www.armadninoviny.cz/kapa-cesky-obojzivelny-transporter-pro-indonesii.html
  12. At the moment we have ordered 4x AH-1Z and 8x UH-1Y (armed). It's expected that there will be second order for 8 AH-1Z and 4 UH-1Y to make it 12+12. Of course nobody can guarantee that the second order will go through with the new government. There is a Bell service center here in Prague which is one of the reasons why Bell was prefered. We keep all Mi-171Sh which went through much deeper modernization than the Mi-35.
  13. I haven't sen any such reports. All latest reports are related only to the fact at this moment it's impossible to sign the final contract before parlamentary elections which means everything will be again delayed (if no other issues come with the new government). Before there was a lot of fuss related to Rheinmetall lobbying but there were basically no reports about any technical issues of any of the contenders (which doesn't mean none issues appeared).
  14. No, that's nonsense. We don't buy any Blackhawks and there are no plans for doing so. Mi-35 (24V) will be phased out in next five years or so (please take into account that they are basically non-modernized machines equipped with outdated sensors and weaponry) but we buy AH-1Z instead of them. At the moment only 4 are ordered but the plan is to order more in the future.
  15. Nice video from Czech Hinds firing salvo of S-5 during an excercise. No idea when it was taken but 7355 is Mi-35 (24V) built in 2002 and comissioned in 2003 as a part of the payment of the Russian debt. AFAIK the only modifications done to it are related to NATO comms, IFF and NVG compatibility.
  16. IMHO the 100 mm gun would be especially helpful against fixed fortifications and buildings in the hard mountain terrain where most of Indias troubles happen. With some variant of BMP-3 there is little need for a light tank (if own MBTs can't go there, the opponent's ones can't most likely too and for the rest the 100 mm gun/GLATGM is enough).
  17. Blackhawk carrying Colombian president was hit by small arms fire.
  18. Tigrays shot down Ethiopian AF Hercules. It looks like the wing fuel tank was hit and immediately exploded.
  19. Several of my relatives served on T-55 and I have never heard them complaining that it was too cramped. I don't even think there was any limit on how tall the tankers in ČSLA must have been but I have to ask to confirm that. The thing is that T-54 was 9 tons lighter and much smaller than slightly older Panther but its armor and armament were way better.
  20. That's nonsense, sorry. The issue in shooting down UAVs is not about the weapons used but about the sensor suite to find, track and aim. It doesn't matter if you use laser, missiles or cannons if you can't find the target. The main advantage of laser is that it doesn't need to reload.
  21. Indonesia seems to be interested as well. The letter of intent was recently signed.
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