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  1. LoooSeR, can you please comment a little bit the maps?
  2. Azeris took responsibility for that. Video Mi-24P RF-91855, allegedly escorting a Russian convoy. It was somewhere here, not on the active frontline but on the opposite Nachichevan side. Major fuck-up by Azerbaijan. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Yeraskh,+Arménie/@39.4393386,44.9967806,9.17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x401517fffc8301e9:0x908b18a3d91c8a5!8m2!3d39.7383492!4d44.8346993
  3. This Azeri footage from inside Shushi seems legit.
  4. Do you know if Nexter would offer the system on its usual chassis or it would addopt it to some specific American ones?
  5. Something from NKR side. They have posted a lot of footage of Azeri looses in the last few days. Much more than it was common in the weeks before. It has likely a lot to do with bad weather limiting Azeri air superiority. Bayraktar TB2 shot down. Another poor An-2 shot down... Three Azeri BMP-2 destroyed in Berdzor direction. A video from few days back from Lachin showing destroyed large number of Azeri armor including one or two T-72, three BMP-2 (two posted before), several MRAPs and and other unidentified vehicles (one likely
  6. This footage from yesterday shows NKR troops firing from outskirts towards the center of the town, i.e. it's confirmed at least that Azeris managed to get in the town. What is the siuation now it's hard to tell but Azeri side didn't bring any footage of them being in the town. By the way close miss of the NKR tank by some Azeri munition in the video. Allegedly Stepanakert inhibants fleeing the city.
  7. To be honest I understand very little Russian, so I miss a lot of what is being said.
  8. Another three Azeri BMP got destroyed/captured.
  9. WarGonzo got into several firefights and retreated under fire together with an Armenian unit evacuating wounded in the process.
  10. I think that this video may be repost of one from like two weeks ago. I am not sure though.
  11. I think that this is the modernized version of Polish army which they call simply Dana-M. It's built in cooperation of Polish companies EZU, WG Polska and Czech Excalibur Army.
  12. Azeri SandCat and T-90S hit.
  13. Somewhat related. Rocketman's dream aka ScudstormR undeground.
  14. More UAV wreckage. Harop possibly. Aerostar but there are two engines in the debris, so it's likely not just one UAV pieces. And another An-2...
  15. A lot of footage from the Armenian side today including a body of one Azeri Lieutenant Colonel whose photos I won't post. Orlan-10 footage guiding mortars in a fight for some major road. Two BMP-2 and one T-72 destroyed. Another SandCat
  16. There are already several videos with captured Syrian fighters by NKR sides online. I didn't want to post them but you can see one wearing the border guard uniform here. https://twitter.com/Rahmon83/status/1323711684343681024
  17. Three Azeri SandCat MRAPs destroyed. Azeri border guard uniform often used by Syrian fighters is visible. Warning, grahic!
  18. Update when things got clearer. Three victims died, two males and one female. Fifteen people were seriously injured including one policeman. One perpetrator shot and killed by the police. He was armed with assault rifle, several handguns and dummy explosive belt. The terrorist was North Macedonian born in Vienna and an IS sympathizer. He was sentenced last April for an attemp to join ISIS but he was released from jail in December. Other possible attackers are being searcherd for.
  19. There is a large terror attack ongoing in the center of Vienna. At least three attackers reported, also at least seven dead including a policeman. A lot of info here: https://twitter.com/Natsecjeff Vienna police: https://twitter.com/LPDWien
  20. I have noticed that too. Are Azeri Su-25 able to launch KAB-L bomb series? They got all of their ones by quite obscure ways and all of those were quite old used ones (one of those is even ex-Czechoslovak/ex-Georgian). Was there ever any news about their modernisation (not saying it could not have been done). In theory it could be also a cover action for Turkish F-16 strike (again not saying it was one).
  21. No, but that doesn't change a thing on what I wrote. Cruise speed of Tornado is somewhere between 900-1000 km/h. It means that such target (flying strictly straight) can be hit by something flying the same speed without advanced guidance by radar only on purely theoretical conditions (even with the radar it's near impossible), i.e. when the target and the missile somehow manage to get to fly near directly against each other in the near same altitude. The probability of such encounter is close to zero. There is a reason why every existing AA missile is way faster than
  22. Thanks for clarification. Armenians claim to have shot down a manned aircraft. Hard to say from the video but the aftermath does not look like usual UAVs.
  23. IMHO that missile is way too slow for that. It could hit basically only if the jet would fly directly against it in the same altitude. Even to get into a scenario like that would be such an extremely lucky coincidence that I can't believe it actually happened. I mean, in theory it's possible but only in theory.
  24. From that pdf: Max- thrust 392N, maximum operating altitude 8000 m, maximum speed 1000 km/h. Hard to believe they could hit a Tornado with that.
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