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  1. Roughly one year a go... click on the first photo to see it uncropped.
  2. According to Konashenkov Hmeimym AD shot down 13 drones and 30 rockets in the past four months.
  3. Where are all those PASGT helmets from?
  4. Today I was hiking in the mountains around Liberec city in the northern Bohemia when I stumbled upon this memorial of an aircraft accident from August 1948. There was also part of the wing (or something else?) left on the place (most of the other parts are in nearby museum). The plane which crashed there was Aero C-3D (Czech-built Siebel Si-204). During approach to Liberec airport the plane got into the clouds around the peak of Ještěd mountain (1012 meters high), hit the treetops and broke into pieces which started to burn. There were six people on board - the pil
  5. According to what I read elsewhere there are no survivors of CW-21. Anyway since some of you guys used to play, it's worth mentioning that CW-21 is in the good old Il-2 Sturmovik simulator (in one of the 16 years long line of patches). I don't know how accurate the physical model is but it's probably the only chance to get a taste of this interesting plane. There it's indeed very agile with great climb rate however it is also rather unstable in longitudinal axis and quit fragile. It indeed feels close to the Japanese planes in agility. The worst thing about it is its primitive sig
  6. From NATO days in Ostrava - Reigning RedBull Air Race Champion and an ex-Grippen pilot Martin Šonka and air force Grippen pilot Ivo Kardaš in their special display. This photo and more are from this link. More than 200 thousand people came to visit the show. A particularly interesting thing is that the US C-5M brought there the AZ-1Z and UH-1Y which Czech MOD recently ordered and the public could see them for the first time. Army representatives recently confirmed that they count with buying more of these hellicopters in the future (the first order contains 8 UH-1
  7. A simultanious paradrop of 2000+ soldiers and 200 vehicles from 71 Il-76 and a brigade-size heliborn assault during Tsentr 2019.
  8. In 1945 a five years old tank was hopelessly obsolete. Today a tank from 1980' being around 35 years old is still good enough for 95% of tank use and a tank from 1950' is still ok for at least half of the tank work happening around the globe. Funilly enough even T-34-85 considered obsolete by USSR in 1945 is still in limited use till today... just saying.
  9. That was far smaller attack if we compare what is factually comparable, i.e. the damage visible from satellite pictures. I am not comparing the values given by the speaker because in that case this time Houthi speaker performed pretty badly because he stated they used 10 drones in the attack while there are 15-19 hits in the Saudi facilities. But ok, in the end it doesn't matter that much where it came from.
  10. I know that it was not the first attack but there is big difference to launch one or two missiles or a salvo of twenty aiming on twenty different targets. That's far more difficult from all points of view.
  11. A map of Saudi AD missile network in the area. For this type of attack crucial short-range systems are not on the map. There was some unsuccessful AA gun fire heard in the videos from the attack. Anyway attack from the west with low flying missiles or drones seems to be a logical way for the attacker.
  12. Was it published where the remnants of the crashed missile were located? Also the bird hunter's video from Kuwait suggest that something came from Iraq. Either way if it came from Iraq or from Yemen it would still mean a confirmaton that Iran is capable of launching large scale longe range attack from a third country's territory. It's not one or two missiles this time. Twenty missiles or so at once and with a high success rate is a pretty big deal.
  13. No stabilisers for a SPH on a wheeled platform? Huh...
  14. Is the Rheinmetall L55 going to replace the rifled gun in British Challengers (finally) or is it just a demonstrator?
  15. There is one flying MiG-15UTI also here in Czechia. That one is special by the fact that it was produced in Aero Vodochody as Aero CS-102 Ser. No. 242266 in 1955. The plane was produced for Polish airforce and was actively used till 1990! Later in 90' it was moved to Estrella Warbird Museum of Paso Robles, USA, and in 2013 it returned to Czechia. The photos are from https://www.planes.cz
  16. Do You know which engine powers the Il-2M? Is that Allison V-1710 like in the Sturmovik from Flying Heritage?
  17. AFAIK the rear fuselage, the cargo ramp, all cabin door and fixed wing leading edges are being produced by Aero Vodochody here in Czechia. To be honest I find it quite crazy to transport those part over half of the Globe for assembly in Brazil but if they can still make money of it, why not...
  18. Thank You. I have actually never read such detailed description of what actually happened. That was a very sickening read. May all the victims and the fallen soldiers rest in peace. And may it never happen again (I know that such wish is most likely utopian...).
  19. Thanks but I meant if such big cargo capacity is actually needed for a Mi-17 successor? Mi-17 is IMHO already too large for many operations which it is being used for because there is no suitable smaller thing (maybe the new Ka-62 can take this role in the future).
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