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  1. Davit Bek is in Armenia proper, just across the border from Qubadli which is most likely under control of Azeris. In the area Azeris using a lot of white phosporus against units in the forests. Azeris captured the gold mines of Vejnali. Wargonzo captured one successfull AD engagement.
  2. To me it looks like this missile is rather slow (large wings, turbojet engine), i.e. probably not useful for engaging jets. Still probably good for UAVs or helicopters.
  3. A week ago USAF C-17 made an emergency landing with nose gear up in Kandahar.
  4. It's a replica. There is no airworthy original Me-262 AFAIK. If you want to see a static one, here in Prague we have two which can be called original ones even though they were built only after the war (the production equipment was moved to Czechoslovakia at the end of the war and after the war 12 planes were built and used for few years by Czechoslovak airforce, one crashed and two are preserved in Prague Kbely museum - one A-1a (Avia S-92) and one B-1a (Avia CS-92).
  5. Some of you probably already watched this but if not, give it a few minutes. There is also some great helmetcam footage inside.
  6. Do You know what was the maximum ammo length with this autoloader? It could be too short for 140 mm.
  7. For me the issue is for what it shall be used? The rockets have rather short range even when fired from an aircraft and the accuracy is greatly reduced already by firing them from helicopters instead of fixed-winged aircraft (at least I remember seeing a table showing that) and they are designed to be a direct fire weapon, not an artillery rocket. Direct-fire weapons generally need to have certain precision or they need to be at least fired from above so they don't become just a waste of ordonance hiting the ground and the sky instead of the target. So what can you do with an UGV
  8. Greek navy lost a minesweeper today as a result of collision with a cargo ship. At least all the crew survived. Source: https://www.protothema.gr/greece/article/1059563/atuhima-sto-kallisto-alkotest-stous-upeuthunous-ton-ploion-eginan-lathos-ektimiseis-apo-koinou/?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1603873066 https://www.protothema.gr/greece/article/1059556/atuhima-sto-kallisto-pos-to-container-ship-ekopse-sti-mesi-to-narkalieutiko/
  9. Today both sides attacked civilian targets with plenty of civilians killed (Stepanakert, Shushi in NKR and Barda in Azerbaijan)... Meanwhile another UAV most likely shot down by EW because of no visible shrapnel damage (as all downed UAVs shown in the last week or so). Does anyone know what type of UAV is it? It looks similar to ThunderB but not same. It's second one shot down this week. And another poor An-2...
  10. Azeris claim to have killed NKR MoD Harutyunyan. Armenian side earlier reported he was wounded. Euronews close call with ATGM
  11. Allegedly Armenian Mi-8 used as a gunship.
  12. Downed Harop wreckage. Interestingly all the latest wreckage shown by Armenian side in the last few days suggests that the UAVs were brought down by EW-means and not by missiles (none of them show any shrapnel damage, including the TB2).
  13. Armenians claim to have destroyed Azeri TOS-1.
  14. Aftermath of the alleged Russian strike near Jarabulus. Plenty of destroyed oil tankers and a massive crater, although too small for Iskander singular warhead I think. Could it be Onyx/Bastion-P instead? It has roughly half-sized warhead.
  15. According to this Osa-AKM can not successfully engage Bayraktar TB2. AFAIK the normal flight altitude with weapons is +/- 6000 meters.
  16. Iran tested Bavar-373 long range SAM. Not sure if what was shown in the video is real or intentionally missleading leak. Anyway ...
  17. This has likely something to do with Nagorno-Karabakh war or with possible Turkish offensive in Syria... Allegedly several missiles flying from Hmeimym hit fuel storage depots near Jarabulus in Turkish-occupied zone of Aleppo countryside.
  18. Next batch from my hiking trips. View roughly from the grave of Jaroslav Hašek (the author of the famous book The Good Soldier Švejk) towards the medieval castle of Lipnice nad Sázavou, Czech-Moravian highland area. View from the ruins of Ralsko castle sitting on a volcanic peak, northern Bohemia. This area used to be a Soviet military zone till 1990 and cyrilic writings can still be found on the castle walls. Lužice mountains, Northern Bohemia at the German border. Very speciffic countyside around Louny, some 50 km to the north
  19. Czech army will replace the older infantry machineguns entirely with Minimi (which is in limited use already). The new order is for 950 MGs (of that a dozen in 5,56 and the rest in 7,62). https://www.czdefence.cz/clanek/armada-nakupuje-proverene-kulomety-minimi
  20. Czech army took first eight RBS-70NG of sixteen ordered, the rest will be delivered in November. They shall replace Strela-10M. The army uses another sixteen older RBS-70 too. https://www.czdefence.cz/clanek/strakonicti-vojaci-prevzali-prvni-cast-modernich-protiletadlovych-kompletu-rbs-70ng
  21. 15x Dana M1 SpH in action. This is funny. Some small successes of NKR troops (if it's not an old footage). BMP-2 and BTR-82A captured.
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