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  1. I think he meant that this is the modernized one shown on Army Expo, not the original system (see the new optical head). But on the other hand we have seen plenty of such vehicles on the Kavkaz-20 excercise and it's a question if those were only single pieces being evaluated or if larger larger batches were already purchased.
  2. Same place, initial phase of the ambush. ATGM hits on two trucks. Three tanks captured by Azerbaijan and Smerch rockets (presumably cluster ones) in Ganja, Azerbaijan. Azeri Mi-24 in action. First video from a captured Armenian position is NSFW. Armenians captured some Azeri position. NSFW. Some Armenian trucks and stuff captured by Azeris.
  3. Previously post video of deadly strikes against Azeri convoy and infantry in better resolution. Direct artillery hit among infantry at one moment, ATGMs used to snipe infantry, several vehicles destroyed.
  4. Armenian artillery strikes plus a tank being hit and destroyed possibly by RPG from twenty meters or so. Dozens of Azeri corpses being removed by Armenian soldiers. NSFW. Possibly Smerch cluster ammo hitting Stepanekert residential area. Attack on Azeri convoy (plus what was already in previously posted video). Nearly intact Azeri Orbiter. What looks like a Tochka or Scud crater in Azerbaijan. Azeri Ganja city and its airbase was hit by long range missiles. Some hit residential areas. So
  5. Next portion, still many more remain. I am closing to 1000 km this year... Balloon in the sunset at the golf field near Karlštejn castle, south of Prague. Krkonoše mountains seen from the top of a ski jumping tower. North-eastern Bohemia (behind the mountains there is Poland). "Tuscany" some 100 km north-east of Prague around the town of Jíčín (close from the previous place). So called Czech paradise protected natural area. Sázava river again. South of Prague with a balloon in the evening sun. View towards the
  6. The current admitted number of fallen Armenian troops is 104. Nothing from Azeri side. Riam Dalati from BBC Syria claims to have verified already 9 Syrian fighters who died in Nagorno Karabach (of many more claimed). Allegedly Armenian pilot on parashute. No other details. This is 3 days old but it's another flying target shot down. Probably UAV. Allegedly another drone downed by Iranian AD after intrusion into Iranian airspace. Some of the latest azeri drone footage shows hit on OSA decoys or a burned wreck (of Repellent anti-U
  7. Don't know what damage was caused by the collision and what by the landing but that C-130 lost blades of three propellers and a refueling pod.
  8. Video of the F-35B impacting ground.
  9. Retreat of dozens of Azeri soldiers under fire with a gigantic cook off one one tank. Yesterday I was wrong about the drones as tons of new drone footage from Azeri side post by Looser show. Wreck of some UAV. Another An-2 downed. Another UAV downed. At least the first one here is successful interception of another flying object in the night. The second one may be a missile autodestruction as well. I don't know. Another successful interception. Captured Azeri BMP-2 No.397 (
  10. Armor slaghterhouse continues. This video of Azeri TOS-1 looks legit. Two aerial targets (probably UAV) hit by the Armenian AD at the same time. From the fact that stream of Bayraktar TB2 videos stopped and many videos of successful AD engagements started to appear it seems that armenian AD managed to overcome the initial shock. Some UAV wreckage. Armenia claims that Turkish F-16 shot down Armenian Su-25 engaging it from the territory of Azerbaijan and killing its pilot. No proof has been released yet.
  11. This could be one of the previosuly shown wrecks. An-2 being shot down by Strela or Osa. This could be the same situation. What is falling down on the video looks again like An-2. Some Azeri drone wreckage (there is the optical ball at the end). Orbiter shot down by Osa. Azeri kamikaze drone hitting a shelter with Armenian troops. Some drone was shot down by Iranian SAM after allegedly crossing the border.
  12. Appearantly part of the drone footage was duplicated.
  13. Successful engagement of Armenian AD. What was shot down, hard to say. Looks like something relatively large and slow moving in low altitude. This video showing torn rear end of an aircraft and exploding wreck. I would say it's another An-2 (clearly different one than the first one). It can be the same thing as shown on the video above. Azeri infantry retreating under fire and taking casualties. A bus targeted in Armenia proper, not in NKR territory.
  14. Another picture of an alleged dead Azeri pilot (different one). While there is a helicopter behind him he has An-2 patch on the chest. I don't know if he indeed died or if his photo was just randomly picked by the tweet author to support the Armenian story. Anyone able to identify the drone wreckage on the first picture (the rest obviously isn't a helicopter as it was already established)?
  15. @ Looser: It appears the poor An-2 indeed had to crash recently. The crash site looks very freshly burned. There is even a photo claimed to be a bomb from the plane and the Armenians claim to shot it down. It sounds too crazy to be true. I don't know what to think about it because I can't see why would anyone send An-2 for bombing mission. At least one Azeri pilot died, so something was indeed shot down and since that An-2 wreck lies deep in the territory controlled by Armenia it's for sure from another case. Some say a Mi-24 was shot down yesterday, so may
  16. Something seems to be wrong with the edit function after the update of the forum. Anyway, lots of Azeri Pions in action.
  17. More Azeri armor being destroyed. And more Azeri/Turkish Bayraktar TB2 strikes.
  18. No. I really can't see how to explain that to you if you don't understand the most basic math. Let's try. If you have a square garden of 100 square meters, how long fence do you need around it? 40 meters, right? Now make the garden 400 square meters for your three dogs. How long fence you have now? 80 meters, right? You have the very same fence. Which one is heavier? The second, right? It is twice heavier but it's the very same fence offering your dogs the very same protection. You can add twice thicker fence to the first small garden to have the same weight of the fe
  19. Come on, you don't need to give up any armor. You don't need to protect x cubic meters of internal space for the crew. Do you understand what makes the difference? You can even add much more armor on the unmanned turret and still save tons of weight compared to the manned one.
  20. Not that it would change anything on what you wanted to say, just alittle nitpicking from my side. Most of the ATGMs are much slower than 300 m/s so the system must be able to detect and track slower threads (I would put it rather to +/- 100 m/s and above - Malyutka has speed around 100 m/s).
  21. Another two Armenian T-72 taken out by Bayraktar TB2 drones.
  22. Bodies of dead Azeri soldiers in the posession of Armenia after night counter attack. Very graphic. Bayraktar TB2 strike on Armenian T-72. Another OSA and loader vehicle targetted by Bayraktar TB2. Pieces of some Azeri drone being collected by civilians. Alleged Azeri TOS-1 in action. May be recycled training footage, I don't know. Armenia feels confident not to ask CSTO support. Azeri combat footage.
  23. That's not true at all. Simple physics tells you that the weight is mainly driven by the internal turret volume. No need for space for the crew -> very little volume to be covered by armor -> very little overall armour volume -> much less weight. Today the three man tank turret weight is usually over 20 tons. There is no reason at all why the unmanned turret shall have such weright. Realistically it can have less than half of that and most likely even less. It means that by its sole existence it saves 10+ tons of the vehicle weight.
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