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  1. The whole mobility angle seems mysterious. I don't think it would be impossible for the "new" build standard to run at 1500hp in the CR3, and they keep dropping lines about improved mobility. The 60mph figure has ruffled some feathers and confused a lot but with 1500hp it doesn't seem that unreasonable for an unrestricted road speed, one that will likely not be the final top speed anyways (anecdotes say the current cr2 can hit 80kph on roads if pushed, so a 16kph boost with new suspension and more HP doesn't seem that far fetched, certainly not for a click-bait headline).

  2. 17 hours ago, TokyoMorose said:

    I would think that the use of mild steel and a wider sabot would more than make up for the sabot length difference, given the strength/weight ratio of laid-up composites versus mild steel.


    I don't know if 5mm of extra bore and steel can make up for all this extra volume (excuse the use of steel beasts):










  3. The entries all seem somewhat phoned-in but that doesn't really surprise me considering how many failed programs to replace the bradley have preceded this one. BAE's entry seems lazy but perhaps the easiest to implement; GD's perhaps the most capable and at least the chassis has been well developed and paid for by other nations. The Lynx seems like Rheinmetall isn't even trying and i don't know enough about the other 2(?) options.

  4. Weren't the old soviet sabots also much smaller because the use of steel for the projectile didn't require nearly as many teeth/groves between the sabot and perpetrator? Seems like a totally irrelevant comparison.

  5. AFAIK the one at Greek trials still had TOGs installed but the CR2E spec at that point was to remove it, it just hadn't been done yet - I think the one on display was later on.


    The strange CR2E pictured above is for the South African proposal, idk much about it but it appears to be a slightly more austere version compared to full CR2E spec - euro powerpack but standard optics. In any case I believe it lost out to the Leclerc but neither went ahead.


    Source: Simon Dunstan,


  6. Lots of interesting details in there. New modular armour design at Porton Down (a Dstl site)? I assumed the armour would be some form of AMAP given Rheinmetall's lead on the project but I guess not.


    They also hint at a powerpack upgrade and indicated the weapon is at the same level as the new Leos and Abrams - seems more L55A1 than 130.

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