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  1. Armoured Archives youtube channel has also begun a series on the Vickers Mk.1 to 3,
  2. I believe the leclerc numbers might be projections from GIAT, there wasn't a tank to test at the time of the chieftain replacement program iirc.
  3. I wonder if this turret (which is clearly built on the LEP turret) is the additional armour mentioned in that parliamentary document linked recently?
  4. If you watch the video rheinmetall put out recently there is a glimpse of what looks like a leopard 2 sized bustle rack. So I don't think all the ammo will be in the bustle, especially given the location of the commander's sight. I expect the rest is in the hull somehow.
  5. Actually the scenario I was picturing was more the t-14 being lazed by a drone overhead or something, rather than the tank itself - although iirc the sights it uses are capable of laser designating. Also I was just spitballing what the guy might have meant. Its certainly possible he was just using the term missile to refer to the L55A1 apfsds round being developed to counter the newer soviet armour.
  6. Ignoring the problem of APS the LAHAT is designed for top attack is it not? Theoretically an Armata can be hull down with no exposed crew meaning some form of top attack would be required to hit the crew compartment.
  7. The Fire Control Computer is the CDC model that the Abrams uses (or near the same), however the entire system was contracted to Marconi and afaik Vickers and Marconi wrote the software. This is my understanding from the Hanyes Manual and the Vickers Tanks Landships to Challenger 2 book, as well as reading the relevant parts of the Jane's AFV Retrofit book referenced by SH_MM.
  8. Here is also a good if dated read, CIA Document on worldwide tank FCS from 1983 (the M1 section is completely redacted), https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP84M00044R000200890001-1.pdf
  9. Marconi Centaur FCS from the Osorio and Vickers Mk.7 (and 7/2), Chieftain 2000, also apparently on several Pakistani upgrades of chinese tanks? Loosely related to the FCS on the Challenger 2 although many parts are different. Also the related Marconi 628 GCE.
  10. His intention in measuring that was that it was representative of the base turret thickness. Obviously there isn't really a way to verify that. edit: not sure what exactly that highlighted piece is.
  11. Does anyone have any further information on the RARDE APFSDS round that the UK used during the 1970s tri-lateral gun evaluation and then later displayed at the 1976 BAEE for the Iranian Chieftains? All I've got are some rather poor scans of a JDW. I'm curious how Britain had 120mm APFSDS in '76 but then did nothing to get any into service before ordering L23 in '78 (and not getting it until ~'83). Is there anything known about these rounds? Names even? I know there is a better image of the rounds in one of the Hanyes books of all the ammo on display for Iran, including the
  12. Thanks! I thought it had a weird look to it, I guess that explains it.
  13. Does anyone here know the source of this image, is it legitimate? The name would suggest it would be during the proposal stage if its real.
  14. The Abu-Dhabi test was with a 7/2 was it not? I remember some images of the supposed test of the Mk.7 in egypt that was alongside an AMX-40 and a Challenger 1, I will try and locate them again. Edit: ah no i'm thinking of the Saudi trials with the Osorio. Do you know what year the Abu-Dhabi trials were? Edit 2: old copy of janes MBT says this and given its the same author im assuming the Christopher Foss vickers book also says this (i can check that tonight),
  15. The Mk.7 was tested in Egypt afaik, there is a UK report about it floating around because they had to release some information about chobham protection levels to Egypt. This was in 1985/86 iirc. See images of the report that someone on the war thunder forums had:
  16. Prototype Warrior ADATS displayed at BAEE 1988,
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