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  1. Trophy does not have blind spots on the top. Its blast shields are placed in a way that even allows both launchers to overlap at some points. Any APS can fire on the move. If you have the processing power, software, and software optimization, then adding an on-the-move capability is a piece of cake. Even simpler systems that are widespread across western armies, have yet to find their way into Russian tanks (modernized, not T-14). So it would not make sense to suddenly fund APS for T-72 tanks.
  2. My claim on the unmanned turret is based on modern trends seen on IFVs, and also the T-14 MBT. Therefore I assume that when it comes to the 'metals', the M1A3 will look a lot like the TTB. Except the automotive technologies have changed quite dramatically, so the crew can be placed in an armored capsule either in front of the turret, or behind it. I also want to add that another issue to think about when considering whether a turret should be manned or unmanned, is the topic of space. The next generation of AFVs will utilize a much more extensive package of sensors than today's AFV
  3. Yes and no. The M1A3 is part of the NGCV project. The NGCV can be split between vehicles that are in service, or close to entering service, and vehicles that are only in early stages of development. All these vehicles are included in the NGCV because the Army plans to incorporate some of the core technologies developed in that project, into every AFV. Whether the vehicle is "new" or "old" only affects how much of the less important and more peripheral tech can be added as well. So in a way, they DO have some definitive plans for the M1A3 Abrams, and you can pretty much guess t
  4. On a serious note, who manufactures the Kinzhal and Epoch, and what's the naming pattern for turrets if it conflicts with air launched missiles?
  5. You forgot the rest of the videos on that channel, that detail weekly maintenance for other crewmen. The above video shows the driver. Gunner: Loader: TC:
  6. Why limit yourself to 20mm-40mm when obviously all turrets, be it small RWS or up to tank turrets, are following the same trends? 2 decades ago, turrets would consist of usually just 3 key components: 1)Effector. 2)Sight systems. 3)FCS for ballistic calculations only. In 2006, the paradigm changed when APS started maturing and were about to enter service. By 2019 there are already hundreds of turrets in service with an integrated APS. But that's not all. APS are revolutionary not only because of the massive added protection, but because they tu
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