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  1. GMerlon is correct but if you happen to experience a soft head failure the entire rifle is probably going to be wrecked and you are heading to the ER or undertaker. Example of a soft head failure I investigated. This happened on the sixth round in a M1 Garand. I was contacted and told him to send me all the fired cases prior to it and he did. Headspace was perfect on the first 5 and no 6 completely wrecked the Garand. This round was loaded in Britain for the Greek Army in the 50s and found out this arsenal had these prior. The bolt lugs held, the receiver held
  2. There are people that shoot the low numbers but consider the fact that giving a good whack to the left or right side of a low number 03 has broken hunks out of it, (not chips but whole sections of side of receiver) for me it is a NO NO. There are published picks of these broken receivers in I think it is Hatcher's Notebook. Personally they would be a wall hanger for me including their bolts. The barrels from them may be useful but rechambering one for a Magnum round is very likely to give you a catastrophic failure. CIP back in early 50s PO ACKLEY was a instructor
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