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  1. As soon as you start taking armor off the turret you lose survivability. Now your main armament is exposed which is key to survivability. You save weight on some unmanned turrets but not all.
  2. There's nowhere to fight in the Pacific with tanks, the Army has no intentions of fielding heavy armor in that part of the world. An unmanned turret doesn't save that much weight. It's main purpose is to increase crew survivability and free up space in the hull.
  3. The M8 AGS has a similar design but for this concept it doesn't appear to be the same. If you look at the gun it appears to be sealed up like on the STRV 2000. The autoloader is probably behind the breech sealed up with the gun. http://imgur.com/gallery/znFrKzr
  4. It's a good way to save weight. The K2 Black Panther has a similar design as well.
  5. Looks too big to be unmanned. It appears to be using the same all around sloping armor style the Merkava MK 4 uses. Looks like it has two hatches with one behind the gunners sight and the CITV behind the commanders hatch. An RWS is behind the gunners hatch as well. At least that's what I'm seeing who knows.
  6. http://imgur.com/gallery/nG68BT2 Does anyone have any pics of that Abrams variant that had two RWS displayed at AUSA 2007? I found only one from a bad angle.
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