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  1. Not exactly "technical" details but here are some photos I snapped of early early firearms from the armory museum at the Doges Palace in Venice.
  2. 75th Fires Brigade at Ft. Sill and 2d battalion 15th FA, 10th Mountain. A few FO pics in there because I was one.
  3. NATO multinational training at Hohenfels Germany. US 3rd ID, Romanian, German, and other units.
  4. When stupid people play battlefield. Nazis were just some "bad people"... November 29, 2016 1:13PM edited 1:21PM ForRealDoh wrote: I use the wolfangle , it is a rune that was used by some bad people , but the important thing to note is that the rune does belong or was invented by these bad people , it was ADOPTED by them. You have to think about the context before you go on a reporting spree . I have friends that live in Hamburg , I know about the laws about these bad people , but I live in the USA so those laws don't pertain to me , it was a rune that was supposed to ward off wolves , just because some panzer division used it , doesn't negate it's true meaning in Nordic lore. crashbot MEMBER BF3BF1 The Wolfsangle (wolf hook) is not part of the Norse runic tradition. It was neither part of the elder nor younger futhark. It has no meaning in Nordic lore. It is not a rune, it is a design to represent a wolf trap and wasn't much of anything before it was used as a peasant uprising symbol in the 15th century, again as heraldic charges, and once more in early 20th century German fiction. THAT is what the NS used. Flag Quote · Vote Up
  5. He was doing some serious mental gymnastics to justify being a Nazi collaborator and all around shitbag of a human.
  6. That kid makes me feel like I should have done something more fun with all my schooling.
  7. I really think it comes from a lack of a better word and not a direct translation. There are a half dozen other words that have been "translated" as halberd also. Like bryntröll, höggspjót, sviða, brynklungr, heftisax, fleinn etc..
  8. There is a type of lineage from the atgeir in the fact that old Norse texts poorly translated atgeir and atgeirsstafir to "halberd". We really don't have any archaeological evidence of an atgeir, what we have are descriptions from sagas. People have done some experimental archaeology and pieced together what they think the weapon would have looked like. Of course this resembles a bardiche or even a longaxe. 10th century examples of ax heads, which you can read more about in the blog in the "general archaeology" thread if you have any interest in those.
  9. They are basically an evolution of the atgeir or hoggspjot "hewing spears", which could be used to chop, cut, and stab.
  10. If we only had good cameras to pack around back when I was in. I remember coming across an M1A1 that had slid down into a ravine and bound up its tracks so bad it couldn't move. They brought in 2 M88s to try to pull it out and couldn't drag it because of how bad tracks bound up and the sheer weight of the vehicle sitting at the angle it was at. The mechanics ended up tying a cutting torch to a series of tent poles, taping it down to stay on, and cutting through the tracks to release the tension and allow the 88s to pull it out. I distinctly remember that "boom" when the track snapped and I swear that tank lurched forward several feet.
  11. There are some good spots west of Conroe and of course all along the Sabine.
  12. On a related hunting with a 30-30 note, has anyone used those polymer tipped rounds? Sales gimmick or no?
  13. Wife said "hey, lets take a trip to Cuba next spring"..Castro dies. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  14. Southeast Texas and along the Red River are good spots for decent white tail. It's literally hog heaven for hogs up past Bonham. I've a friend in Telephone with a few thousand acres that include about a mile of river frontage and a pecan farm. Good spot up there when I have time. When I get the time, I pretty much always use my Marlin 336 for no particular reason other than I like shooting it.
  15. Mistress of Finance keeps me from building a gaming pc to conqueror the world.
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