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  1. This is a positive statement. IFDL may not be there yet, but “there” is at least visible from here.
  2. There were problems with early production batches. As it turns out, the problems were due to ADI building to match the TDP. When consultants from Steyr were brought in all their “fixes” were to disregard the TDP specification and arbitrarily increase tolerances. After that “advice” ADI figured things out on their own, for better or worse.
  3. I did my uni industrial experience at Lithgow SAF in the late 90s, then ended up teaching alongside a woman I met there after she retrained as a technology teacher. Glad to see that the place is still chugging along, even though someone played fast and loose with the madritsch IP.
  4. It appears that fuel - defuel operations won’t be required during the service life of the submarines which suggests that there will not be the same degree of nuclear industry and manufacturing required to support the operation of the fleet as in the past. Astute seems to be likely, based on similar dimensions to Attack, as the dry dock facilities at ASC CUF will fit Astute length boats. Nuclear powerplants are consistent with Australian NPT obligations as we already operate OPAL.
  5. USN Virginia class submarines will operate from Fleet Base West in Western Australia in the interim.
  6. In a joint press conference this morning, AU PM Scott Morrison, UK PM Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden announced the acquisition of SSN and domestic nuclear manufacturing capability to replace our 6 SSK. This will substitute the previously programmed 12 “shortfin barracuda” SSNK (denuclearised barracuda SSN). This is a massive change for Australia. ADBR story ADM story ABC news story So far the reports are all saying the same thing.
  7. Yes, according to some in the thread. Anyway, the whole article reeks of that ABC favourite activity, "briefing against" someone. #defundtheirABC
  8. But Iron Fist Decoupled Light is vapourware anyway, according to this thread. Is this just "shaping the battlefield" for L400.3 so Redback isn't a "surprise winner"? only being able to fire German-made ammunition I mean the ABC gets this wrong in the second paragraph, right after "the ABC can reveal". Unless Benalla is in Germany. After a competitive tender in 2016, NIOA was awarded an MMC contract in October 2017. The MMC is established for long term sustainment purchases with the scope of work being: the provision of Munitions to the Commonwealth ... 50+ products are currently listed on the MMC including: ... 30mm Ammunition and https://defence.nioa.com.au/projects/land-400
  9. Yes. The pair of each not used for blast (& ballistic, I think) testing.
  10. How many of the problems with typhoon were BAe responsible for though? Genuine question as I have no idea how much impact they had in a long running multinational program.
  11. Ah, there it is. I always wondered where the “anyone but BAe” attitude came from. MoD blaming BAe for their own moronic decisions, trying to refurbish 50 year old airframes on the cheap. Typically penny wise and pound foolish.
  12. What an unmitigated fuckup the project is.
  13. You're an idiot. Hey, it worked! I do feel better about your idiocy. Well, I actually thought you'd be sensible enough to cut and run. Apparently I'm cursed to overestimate people on the internet.
  14. On the chance you should return here, reread the quotes excerpted above. You're literally stating that you cannot be bothered learning about the very thing you're asking to learn about. Folks here are getting justifiably annoyed at you saying it's just too much work for you, so they should do the work for you. Furthermore, this is a private forum, so there's no onus on anyone to be "nice" or use their time constructively other than the expectation of the forum owner. Not to put words in @Sturgeon's mouth, but the expectation is clearly stated that users will do the work to understand topics of discussion.
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