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  1. are... are you just Oxide? lmao uh... does anyone know if the ASH12 can defeat GOST BR5 with its AP loads?
  2. Well, I know what to do now. Make armour piercing load like Libra Snail to bust AR500 plates it do be vibe check time. then again, with their track record, not sure I even need AP loading. Really shows off how much of a difference hard armour vs soft armour makes. I mean, stuff like Cyclone ammo would shred kevlar, but hardplate? bing.
  3. Vario Mehler has the uparmor plates, TenCate used to make similar plates up to NIJ IV, I think the SLAAP is at 5.56/7.62AK protection, and the IHPS is purported to 7n1 with uparmour. The ECH actually is a polyethylene rated to NIJ III. Paying the tax... I think this is where they got the COD Cold War stuff lol
  4. Fragsuit is important, but just as problematic is the issue of heatcas, fatigue, and operator load Assaultsuit is cool and good until you stack on fifteen magazines, rifle, grenades, medical, food, and whatever other stuff needs to be packed it also has somewhat better chances at deflecting a rifle round, though given that the rifle rated helmet is on the rise again, that's not much of an adv. Still, solid headcase.
  5. 1: Expired personal armours of the aramid variety show operational status after testing. It's just a "cover our ass" system. The EX date is the maximum that they can guarantee full operational state under standard wear and tear iirc. 2: Cost of dead operative is high. If memory serves, average US Army soldier is 300k for basic training, not including specializations and such. As such, by logic, it makes good fiscal and moral sense to ensure operative returns whole. 3: Issue with armor manufacture is just typical. No producer will make perfect record, even most sterling of silver will
  6. Here's the standards for GOST post 2017. https://drive.google.com/file/d/193cJDWeGfhi7aIWx-vJxbI8hrJM4Q9MC/view?usp=drivesdk And also the old one. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NJy2yDpDtvMB8jGCMwapAMXNVjZwqJoi/view?usp=drivesdk
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