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  1. Well, it is a proven way of getting from feudalism to space travel in merely 40 years.
  2. Just the usual capitalism. Outsourcing, budgeting, corruption, profit before quality, etc.
  3. It does use similar tracks to Tiger 1 and weight is near to that of tiger 2. And I made a rough design for a 1000 tonne fortress.. However, I think anything at 100 tonnes with 60ies tech is a specialised tool and not a principal fighting vehicle. With weak air component I admit the weight would offer neat potential. But it would run into problems at navigating some of Texas' terrain and Texan tactics are not well known to me. Not sure if their combined arms would offer sufficient protection for fewer large and expensive vehicles. Maybe for another contest.
  4. I specified the armour thickness and composition, then calculated the angled plate surface with trigonometry. Would that suffice for the commission?
  5. She is a handful! With my limited experience, I would check if you accounted for all the components. You can also reduce time by avoiding designing the special armour.
  6. I see you had a bad break up with an anime girl, hoho. I never gave much thought to Nazi ideology before I got invested in the online forums. Europe is very calm with it being swept on the wasteland of history. Well, you ought to understand it. Not every white settler was a racist during the Apartheid.
  7. The overlapping road wheels and nomenclature are there obviously AS A JOKE. Since you already tossed me into the nazi corner, I might as well make fun of it.
  8. That is no problem. I accept that the technical talk cannot be separated from the political context, in this case. I think I've been plenty accommodating and reiterated numerous times that I have no sympathies for the Nazis, their ideology or crimes. But you can't sell me arguments against axial-flow jet engines or Death traps under disguise of anti-nazism. Sure they exist, you are right to be vigilant. But you lot also got very comfortable in abusing anti-racism to push your national bias around. Perhaps you haven't noticed, your overblown claims are the primary ammunition of neo-nazis. Stick to the objectivity and there is no space for politics or racial theories.
  9. You really ought to read something on German history. The designations and the technology only comes from the Nazi party for ideological crusaders. As is with all military things in today's Germany, it is Wehrmacht's legacy, as the latest precursor in the long history of the German/Prussian army. Even if institutions were abolished and the politics tries hard to appear to have broken with the past, many of those people involved in ww2 were very much present during the design of vehicles up until Leopard 2, if still alive, and all had very little to do with politics or ideology. You can't push everything from 1933 to 1945 in the Nazi corner.
  10. Then its all good. I felt that Sturgeon was really upset. I deliberately threw in a bunch of easter eggs to spice up the commission's work. But it's all a joke.
  11. Why don't you tell me what bothers you? Maybe they crawled from Argentina or somehow washed ashore, does it matter? I though adding another national flavour to the competition would make it interesting..
  12. After the nuclear war they only got normal people that fled the insane globalist Meinungsdiktatur.
  13. Ok, appendix 3 is more or less finished. Now I only wait for @Sturgeon's abr.. comanche.
  14. Vollketten 55(tonne).01 - vehicle name. Versuchsträger-(N)iedrige (K)omplexität - project name. It is the usual nomenclature of the tractor factory that was meant to design it.
  15. VK-55.01 - Versuchsträger NK Table of basic statistics: Parameter Value Mass, combat ~64,700 kg Length, combat (transport) 10.25m (7.3m hull) Width, combat (transport) 4.9m with heavy skirts, 4.08 m without (3.8m without suspension frames) Height, combat (transport) 2.5m turret roof edge (2.05 m without suspension frames) Ground Pressure, zero penetration 1967 psf Estimated Speed 38 mph Estimated range 465 mi (at 38 mph on the road) Crew, number (roles) 3 (driver, gunner, commander) or 4 (+loader) Main armament, caliber (ammo count ready/stowed) 120 mm smoothbore cannon (Rh-120 featured), 33 shells ready in turret bustle, 16 stowed in the rear of the hull Secondary armament, caliber (ammo count ready/stowed) 20 mm auto-cannon (Rh202 featured) 3 or 4 machine guns calibre 7.62mm Vehicle feature list: Mobility: 1. Appendix 1 - RFP spreadsheet, colored to reflect achieved performance. 2. Engine - transversely mounted 1500 HP (1100 kW) V-12, turbocharged, liquid-cooled diesel engine. 4 cooling units. Cold air infusion at exhaust. Torque converter. 23.15 hp/t 3. Transmission - preferable Renk HSWL 354 level transmission adjusted for transverse mounting or similar, 4 forward and 4 rearward gears. 4. Fuel – diesel, 2930lbs in main hull tank, 720lbs in reserve rear hull tank, 2x 370lbs in sponsons, 465 mi at 38mph on roads 5. Engine bay has 3 m³ volume. Transverse mounting is envisioned but a traditional position, to the right of the driver, is feasible. 6. Suspension – (featured) coil spring around telescopic leads on individual road wheels with 480mm travel. 10 Overlapping road wheels with 3 return rollers per side and forward sprockets are mounted in an individual frame, attached to the hull. 400-780mm ground clearance depending on the suspension frame mounting. Torsion bars, more complex hydropneumatics or single line wheels possible. Torsion bars consume 30mm of ground clearance and fit between the bottom plate and mine protection. 7. Tracks are modern version of Tiger 1 tracks with 740mm width. Ground contact length 4.85m Survivability: Two stages of protection. Mission survivability in 20 degree frontal radius to each side for the listed ammunition and ranges. Crew survivability in 100 degrees to each side for the listed ammunition and ranges. 360 degree protection from 6 in HEAT projector. Values are valid for 20 degree vertical inclination, for munition other than auto-cannon and lower. 1. Appendix 1 - RFP spreadsheet, colored to reflect achieved performance. 2. Appendix 2 - armor array details. 3. The concept of citadel. Separation of the crew from ammunition, fuel and hidraulics with armoured walls. 4. Turret crew sits in a widened turret basket (1.87m diameter) with only 550 mm height in the turret itself (autoloader version). 5. Doubled, spaced walls all around the crew compartment 6. Crew has a main rear exit door, additional cupola hatches and an emergency bottom opening under the driver’s seat 7. Ammunition in the turret and in the rear hull feature blow-out panels. 8. Autoloader is separated from the crew with metal plates and incorporates roof blow-out panel. 9. Spall liner on all interior walls. 10. Automatic fire extinguisher. 11. Roof armour can trigger and survive HE artillery hit and anti-tank bomblets. Firepower: A. Weapons: 1. Appendix 1 - RFP spreadsheet, colored to reflect achieved performance. 2. Main Weapon: a. High pressure smoothbore cannon, min -8/+20 deg inclination with double joint mount. b. 120mm L55 13 or 17 MJ bore energy with two breech sizes and corresponding ammunition. Also tested with Soviet 125mm, 105 L7 and the both experimental Rheinmetal 130mm and NpzK-140 140mm cannon for up to 20MJ bore energy. c. APFSDS steel arrow with tungsten core, HEAT-FS, HE, APFSDSPC (Armour piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot with propelled core) with thickened hollow arrow and an explosive propelled tungsten core inside (if physics have nothing against). d. 33 shells in turret bustle within a rotating frame. 16 vertically stowed in the hull rear also within a rotating frame and an integrated crane. e. under FCS section f. Two stage autoloader first stage (as semi-autoloader) delivery of shell into the turret second stage – elevation and insertion into the breech manual reloading or semi-autoloading possible (gunner shifts in front of the commander, loader in his place) g. Three shell drum for quick following shot and alternative shell type. Feldjustierspiegel (collimator). Thermal sleeve with barrel protection and flash suppressor. 3. Secondary weapon: 20mm autocannon in an extendable tower behind the commander. Tertiary weapons: three 7.62mm MGs, one coaxial with the main cannon, one coaxial with the auto-cannon and another stored in the back with a slit for rear mounting (not displayed in the images). Additional gunner/loaders mg, as an improved Hetzer's remote mounting. 4. Appendix 3 B. Optics: 1. Leopard 1 level optics with additional independent stabilisation (if technology permits, alternative there is a dampening switch). Auxillary gunner’s optics. 2. Rotating periscopes for driver and gunner/loader. 3. Scissor periscope for the commander in the auto-cannon tower. Alternative aiming device in the tower for the commander. 4. IR-based night vision and light amplifier for gunner and commander (the lamp not visualised). 5. Side vision slits for the driver. 6. 2 all around cupolas for gunner/loader and commander. 7. Gunners and commanders reticule with ranging triangles (Zeiss optics from ww2) C. FCS: 1. 2-axis stabilisation, stereoscopic rangefinder (or laser), mechanical ballistic computer. Weapon slaved to the optics (if technology permits). Limited duplicate aiming handles for commander with an override. Mechanical target marking board in the commander's cupola. 2. Main cannon and auto-cannon can be interchangeably slaved to one another end correspondingly to gunners and commanders controls. Sharing one stabilisation engine (without mutual optics). 3. Appendix 3 Fightability: 1. Heavy tracks for anti-mine protection with integrated anti-mine armour in the hull floor. 2. Ventilation for crew compartment and engine bay with air conditioning (if technology permits) 3. Smoke dispensers and mortars in the side containers of the turret bustle 4. A radio with a reserve and dynamo reserve engine. 5. Food, water and personal item storage in the three containers in the rear of the hull. 6. Parallel manual controls through simple mechanical transmissions and levers. 7. Auxiliary diesel engine, attached to reserve fuel tank and hydraulic pump, as a limited backup power source (with the exception of mobility). Additonal Features: 1. Available add-on armour for pre-war near-peer protection level without exceeding 70 tonnes. 2. White colour bucket and brush. 3. In the appendices.
  16. Only one submission so far? Everyone waiting for my marvel of engineering?
  17. Any info on why exactly the metal frame for the barrel was introduced?
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