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  1. I did some digging about what the "Mk 75 Tigerwolf" fires. It fires: a training round rocket-propelled AP round rocket-propelled thermite round rocket-propelled HESH rocket-propelled WP-I rocket-propelled grenade ammunition canister round flechette round rocket-propelled grenade ammunition but anti-infantry thermobaric round 15 kiloton nuclear round mine-laying round GLATGM GLSAM
  2. One issue I have with the Tigerwolf, is that it contradicts what he has said are bad design choices, like 6 man crew, 2 loaders, new technology, fitting the largest gun possible on a chassis, etc. It makes him seem inconsistent and diminishes his argument.
  3. Two loaders? According to his Failed tank series Ep. 19, 4 man turrets suck because if a gun needs two loaders, it needs a new gun.
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