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  1. The problem is that you people are all bark, but no bite. When I ask to show your claims, you either ignore it or divert topic elsewhere. I could ask for examples of articles which forum members wrote. However, I'm certain you will come up with excuses like "I'm not worthy" or you will bring something similar to Boagrius forum post, text which is full of errors, poorly researched and is more of an opinion piece than anything. Posts of which other forum members were so proud of were full of lazy research and newspaper articles talking only very vaguely about things. Sometimes what people were l
  2. "Meanie head dumb face"? Keep it going, you had regressed to kindergarten level mentality. Do you think THIS is a gold mine? No, you post just bunch of videos and photos or news articles. Rarely you have any insight. Anything you do here is found a lot more efficiently in a book. If I want to go in depth, I go for white papers or very specialized books. This site is only good for very few threads where you provide links to other articles and books. For example, I'm reading ,,Technology of Tanks'' and so far I found it enlightening. However, after reading parts of said book I had c
  3. Around 80% casualties in war is not from direct fire, but fragments, mostly artillery. Full body armor which would provide high levels of protection against firearms in key areas and protection against fragments in all others would drastically lower casualties rate and would make various weapons far less effective. From artillery bombardment to thermobaric weapons. In fact, most high tech body armor out there does exactly that, it looks far less than few loosely connected armored plates which we have today, but are rather full protective body suit. My opinion is validated by most cutting edge
  4. A forum which prides itself on quality, you certainly don't uplive to your standards. Not only do you behave as little children, bullying anyone new and creating a lot of "noise", but also you people were caught multiple times not reading what you post. Boagrius for example quoted an article from AirPowerAustralia without reading it and then ignored that accusation altogether. He did the same thing with many of his other sources which did not correlate well to titles and arguments which he was making nor could he recall a case which I had mentioned from his video. Furthermore, you are also to
  5. That is not a source by itself. You did not state clearly where to find necessary information and you are referring to modification of a few F-35 models and say that it applies to all those planes. That is just some poor citing of the information. Nothing to do with ones reading comprehension and rather everything to do with others ability to properly use available sources. AND AGAIN, you gave me a source which is locked behind either registration or paywall. https://breakingdefense.com/2019/05/lockheed-says-it-can-fit-2-more-missiles-in-f-35-bay/ Here, was it so hard? Reg
  6. No, I want you to have self respect and self esteem not tied to acceptance of some extremely obscure, half dead forum, because it sounds really pathetic when a grown man aspires to one day become accepted into an anonymous online community. By becoming a writer, having your own blog and getting publishing deals with some newspapers you could develop as a person. It is not that hard, I just went and asked a person whom I know and he had agreed to publish me, his news site has connections with other news sites and thus I will have a very wide reach just at my first attempt. I had offered to do s
  7. Well, I have whole forum to fight against. So sorry, but it is easy to forget, especially when you see me coming only once in a week or even more rarely. I was just loaded with work last, this and next month. I also was talking about a different thing, that there isn't any educational content available. A lot of it are just news articles, some official talking about something or someone robotically mentioning all the parts of a tank. Alright, I want to know the differences between various 1'st and 2'nd generation thermal optics between Soviets and Western tanks. Show me pictures of generated
  8. Oh, but I do. My points are awfully specific which indicates that I had read something somewhere before. The problem is that I have to talk about really basic stuff to you people. Like that army had integration with artillery branch since WW2 and could call artillery strike on target within minutes. Some people however were surprised to hear that and thought that tying intel to artillery strikes was revolutionary. And how they are funny? I had shown that those capabilities existed since Cold War and that nowadays we do not have much more capabilities than before. Israel
  9. Sadly no, such things are not well documented. I had discussion, at least for a little while about F-35 capabilities and I could not find anything about this aircraft in a nicely summarized fashion. Even some basic things are surprisingly difficult to find about this plane. Which is to be expected as it is still new aircraft with a lot of its information tightly guarded. However, failure for you to provide any such information which you had referred to confirms my initial claims and position. I had asked this forum also the same question, but nobody could give me any solid source, only generic
  10. Hmm, I was not considering hybrid warfare seriously. I was thinking more in terms of an official war with major nations clashing with each other. Modern AA systems are insane and would melt all those drones with ease, however they are too expensive to fire at drones. This is why I think that low caliber SPAAG systems would see a return. However, I do think that you raised a good point which I did not considered before. Drones play a huge role in a hybrid warfare. I appreciate your examples, however some of them only prove my initial point that we need low ca
  11. I find it surprising how oblivious some of a people are here. All you do is insult me and never provide anything of value in critiquing me. My point in this thread was ultimately ignored all together after I went through all the trouble of looking through information recommended to me. Some of people here do nothing else, but insult me merely on a basis that I have different opinion. There are some knowleadgable people here and I did had interesting discussion with them in other threads. Boagrius, thank you for your contribution and help. I appreciate your efforts to help me, howe
  12. That is basically like...any modern combat since cold war. Replace word: ''drone'' with a recon team with a radio set and you will have a same thing. I would argue that similar capabilities existed since WW2 as artillery barrages and infantry collaboration had achieved quite high standard at the end of WW2. Drones in this case do not provide anything revolutionary in terms of capabilities, if we would use any other system in its place we would receive the same results. It is also completely superfluous as drone in that case did not provided something which more conventional system could not do
  13. This is the issue. I should not do my own research. All research should be already be done, well referenced and presented for ease of reading. I will have to try books on aviation, I was expecting some recommendation from there as I much prefer just to pay an author for their work rather than going through the hassle myself. Books are my prefered form of information and they had worked wonders for me in the past for land vehicles. If I do use other sources, they often are similarly vague about details and sometimes present questionable claims out of nowhere like with F-16. This is why I wonde
  14. By being realistic and following what is actually deployed in a field. Combat is still completely dominated by conventional armament. Drones there are either experimental and very few in number or completely absent. The only niche where they exist in force is in aerial reconnaissance. I had read again my previous messages and wording there isn't clear or correct. I had in mind that drones are either quite niche and are limited in their use. In addition, most combat roles are still done by more conventional assets. This was a very general comment meant to be taken in most generic t
  15. Hmmm, that does not help much. I do read individual articles, but they are not what I'm looking for in a sense that they quote a lot of numbers which I can't take into context properly. Is it good or bad? How it compares to competition? What are key aspects of this piece of technology? How useful it is or how useful it is considered. It is like calling stealth plane as stealthy. Alright, what are differences when engaging enemy SAM sites? How stealthy it is by comparison to older aircraft? It does not give necessary context to properly understand how stealthy is. It does not compare stealth cr
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