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  1. Taken from twitter of Nicholas Drummond. Interesting to note that A7V is advertised with Trophy and „revised passive armour package“ (certainly hull add-on, anything else remains to be seen)
  2. @Willy Brandt @SH_MM don't know if it's worth it to continue trying to explain this to him...
  3. The gun was along other things demonstrated to a delegation of foreign military personnel in 2019. Yes i have seen it on the Strategie & Technik blog as well, but as you said there is little to no information so i wondered whether you had any. Quite plausible that plans have been changed now. Possibly DM63Plus redesignated to DM73 and previous DM73 design now called KE2020Neo. But that’s just speculation on my behalf.
  4. This gun is not "purely hypothetical", it was already tested. Any source or documentation for that?
  5. Your argument doesn't make sense, sorry. The DM63A1 has been around even before development for L/55A1 & L/44A1 has been started. And btw the Munitionsmerkblatt does not show an increased pressure.
  6. No, the gun just supports a higher chamber pressure. It does not mean that current rounds have increased pressure, velocity or muzzle energy.
  7. Once all 20 A7s got converted, the A7V will be called A7. The tanks with the various and confusing amount if A6 designations will also be shrinked due to the second phase of the german Leo 2 upgrade process.
  8. Funny because this exact turret was used as a testbed for the 140mm gun. @SH_MMalso, do you have any additional information (apart from ESuT) on this autoloader on the PT19 turret?
  9. 120mm DM13 APFSDS Munitionsmerkblatt-1315-9213-1 PDF on Google Drive:
  10. And we also have the (more famous) PT14 (mod) Turret autoloader. Tank is on display at WTS Koblenz.
  11. Thanks, i did not know that there was a distinction for this in english
  12. Leopard 2 with Bustle Rack Autoloader
  13. NGP Render 2 Versions: IFV Variant with 50mm Rh503 (300 shots) and 6-8 dismounts, MBT variant with 140mm nPzK (30 rounds) Both variants were proposed to have significant ballistic protection (55-70t) and (as seen on the render) the Diehl AVePs APS. Both operated by 2 man crews with all around camera / thermal vision. Kind of resembles Armata platform if you ask me.
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