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  1. Nice photos https://www.dishmodels.ru/wshow.htm?p=3828 https://www.dishmodels.ru/wshow.htm?p=3827
  2. MOD orders more than 50 T-80BVM https://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2020/08/80_26.html
  3. As told to "Izvestia" in the Ministry of Defense, the decision to rearm the 4th Guards Tank Kantemirovsky Order of Lenin of the Red Banner Division by them. Yu.V. Andropova on the T-80BVM was adopted this summer. Previously, it was planned that the connection would gradually switch to diesel T-72B3. It is planned that the newest combat vehicles will start entering the division next year. But it is possible that the deadlines can be shifted. https://iz.ru/653902/aleksei-ramm/kantemirovskaia-diviziia-stanet-reaktivnoi
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