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  1. Also an IAI-Elta radar, 2026bf: https://www.iai.co.il/p/elm-2026bf
  2. From the Hanwha Redback vid, notice the elevation angle of the Iron Fist interceptor. First time seeing it that high:
  3. The latest iteration of Merkava is called Mark 4 Model 400, which has a newer C2 system and enchaned TROPHY (you can tell by the added optical sensor). kinda interesting because although MK 4 had seen many modifications and improvements throughout the years this is IMO the first time that the IDF officially names a new Mark 4 version https://www.idf.il/אתרים/חטיבה-188/2020/טנק-סימן-4-חטיבה-188/
  4. Well, you were right, Hungary will procure ELM-2084 radars, similarly to CZ: https://hungarytoday.hu/govt-army-development-defence-roces-radar-israeli-tech/ sorry about the source, these news had yet to be published at major defense sites, but are present at hungarian and israeli news sites
  5. He is using the helmet to control the turret\weapon station. The all point of this system is to integrate the traditional FCS sensors into a HMD. I don't understand why this frustrates you guys so much.
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