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  1. This thing makes the Brazilian Nuclear submarine development looks easy and smooth by comparison. But what baffles me the most is not that this is a bad vehicle, but that Indians themselves defend it. Why? Why defend something you know is shit, bad for the country you say you love? Every nation has made some POS equipment before, but to defend it because muh national pride is ridiculous.
  2. I'm basically ready, I just need to correct my mantlet because LMAO cleft turret and late modeled autoloader. So I might need one more day. Toxn's tank looks really good, nice weight management.
  3. Those sights should be buried in the armor block, so I don't think it's too much of a weak spot. Also it's early similar to my own turret design. Also so are we saying that the Challenger 3 has a Leo turret made to look like Challenger 2 because... bongs? LMAO
  4. MUH NERA Birgus, (or Lynx, don't know yet the name) the Fulda Gap fever dream:
  5. ^ I rest my case Stealth is myth guys. It's not that I'm too dumb to understand the concept and do my own research.
  6. Stealth obsolete confirmed! Also LOS is not unreasonable for most competitors, specially given the ground pressure requirements. Maybe we should have used interleaving wheels as the master race figured out many decades ago.
  7. Yes, it's at least a functional tank that added value after it rolled off the production line instead of subtracting it. I alsi mentioned only a gun and a plane for obvious reasons.
  8. Why can't you wehraboos fucks simp for actually decent G*rm stuff like the FW-190 and the FG-42? Instead you always put the hot trash in the pedestal instead as if you drinking ze-propaganda-b koolaid laced with pervitin about the wunderwaffe.
  9. Don't mock the superior rifled two-piece ammo... in the end the bongs were right APFSDS is just solid shot!
  10. Does the AUG or F2000 pull sideways because of the location of their gas pistons? No. Whatever thrust you have on the gun will be too close to axis of the barrel to matter recoil wise... climb more specifically. Location of the thrust imparted to the operating system does matter, but in terms of keeping the carrier (or whatever similar component you have) from tilting and causing stress and wear, ideally you want the trust be as in line as possible with the bolt or bearing surfaces. The reason why most machine guns have their gas system on the underside is to free up space for the belt feeding mechanism, there are exceptions however.
  11. Ah thanks, I needed the properly terminology for the APE. I need to check the DE back because I'm pretty sure it was a spring loaded pluger, not unlike yours on the Steyr claw... the DE really is an interesting gun, completely stupid and unpractical, but god it's cool and worth having one for the cool and engineering factor. The F7? That thing with the gigantic lower and the upper being basically a rail segment with a ring for the barrel? I love that stupid thing. It's certainly an easier approach than to overmold and entire proper skeleton like HK should have done, fine tuning it for rigidity would be interesting, but then the aim clearly isn't for it to be a benchrest gun.
  12. I've heard before of the threat prohibiting weapons in the region and assumed that 1: it's BS and 2: If it wasn't no one would give a crap because it's stupid... reality sure can be weird.
  13. Yeah, a lifting chamber is pretty much granted. But there are several ways to accomplish it... it would be hilarious if in the final iteration of their design they went for a Steyr ACR style with the locking roller. They certainly got rid of some of the bulk, that little protrusion near the magwell is gone in the last gun they showed us.
  14. Really impressed by the F-4, very clever layout, specially the offset recoil spring and guide rod assembly, as well as the asymmetrical lugs, the use of the Desert Eagle anti-rotation device (did it appear in other guns before? As said on these forums, the Tavor is similar, but it uses the guide rod instead of a dedicated spring loaded plunger.) Thanks for sharing your design, it was very useful to me as it showed the strengths and weaknesses of my own design. Keep on the good work. Only thing I didn't really like on your design is the lack of space magic BS... you need to shove some isogrids and cast Be alloy parts in there just to spite the people that have to build the thing.
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