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  1. Oh, I knew they were acquired by UVZ but I didn't know that they were still operating under the Omsk name. Not T-42, T-43, which was developed by KMDB in their time at UVZ... it's kind of weird, I don't know who to credit with it. In any case, the turret of the T-43 was then developed into the T-34-85, which was produced by UVZ in massive numbers. The pattern holds pretty well over most of the Soviet Union's existence. Kharkov develops the T-34, and a few years later UVZ starts churning out T-34-85s en masse. Kharkov develops the T-54, UVZ produces a lot of them, and t
  2. IIRC some T-80Bs and T-80BVs were set aside to be cannibalized for spare parts for the T-80BVMs for the rest of their service life. It's possible spare parts are still being produced somewhere, but I doubt it, wouldn't make much sense to keep factories building parts for 40 year old tanks when it's clear that the army doesn't really care for the T-80 in the first place. Read above, it really isn't any extra burden, and of course there is even parts commonality between designs, i.e. the gun. Is LKZ even involved with the T-80s anymore? I thought UVZ was handling all the work.
  3. It's quite interesting that the J2M was faster than the Hellcat above 6km, I wonder if it's due to the pressure generated by the engine's inlet fan? The Fw-190 is the only other plane that comes to mind when I think of this sort of inlet fan, so it might have been one of those "super special axis wonderwaffles" that gave these planes an edge at higher altitudes. What's strange to me, though, is that the main production J2Ms (J2M2 and J2M3) didn't even have superchargers AFAIK, which is.... awful, frankly, for a plane that was fighting this late into the war. And yet, even without sup
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