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  1. And again the same up-armored T-72 MBT, BMP-2 IFV and BTR-80 APC from the Russian Army's 201st Military Base in Tajikistan.
  2. The delivery of the 1st prototype Hypersonic hardware to the 5th Bt, 3rd Field Artillery Reg, 17th Field Art. Brgd. is completed on 07.10.2021, with a ceremony at JBLM, Wash. The US Army is prototyping the LRHW that will provide residual combat capability to Soldiers by FY23.
  3. Part of the Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium (RCV-M) class unveiled by GDLS. The GDLS Tracked Robot 10-ton (TRX) vehicle with AI-enhanced design to advanced, lightweight materials and a hybrid-electric propulsion system.
  4. @DRatka1 found very interest data about M1A2 Abrams hull frontal armor package - it is equipped with tandem Ceramic Armor Package, that provided 33-35% increase in protection vs KE and 25% increase vs SC threats.
  5. Chinese precision strike round at the Zhuhai Air Show. US M982 Excalibur for the comparison
  6. Close-up of Trophy trial integration on Leopard 2A7.
  7. This is the hull of an American M48 or M48A1 under construction. The whole thing has been formed from one single casting. Due to the nature of the process cast components were very rarely completely identical. https://twitter.com/TankMuseum/status/1434958273552207874
  8. The vehicles (Griffin ATLAS and M1A1 FEP) at COMMEX 2. exercise under Project Convergence 21. The vehicles are fitted with new gyro-stabilized Thermal Sighting Unit (TSU).
  9. Very interesting know-how from the Russian Defence Industry, a T-80UD covered by foamed material. The new cover is composite material and is consist from the Styrofoam and Polyurethane. This stealth material work like common camouflage, reduce the IR signature, also work like the RAM (Radar-Absorbing Material).
  10. Removable modular special armor packages (NERA/SLERA) of hull side of Merkava Mk4 MBT.
  11. Some sort of MLRS of ArmenianArmy (IMO it's the BM-21 Grad launcher tubes), based on Toyota HILUX pickup
  12. US Army nears choosing first battalion for ERCA https://www.defensenews.com/digital-show-dailies/global-force-symposium/2021/03/18/us-army-nears-choosing-first-battalion-for-extended-range-cannon/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=Socialflow+DFN&utm_medium=social
  13. Upgraded ZBD-03 Digital FCS with two axes stabiliser Millimeter wave IFF system
  14. IMO this drawing is not very accurate. This black corner must be out.
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