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  1. Don't hold me on this but as far as I know, there was a picture of a brochure of DM53 posted sometime in the past on the net where it said the penetrator body was 685mm though I don't remember if it also said anything about the diameter; Regardless of this, i think comparing DM53 to Type 10 AFPSDS is a bit of a moot point and it would do us better to compare DM53 to M829A1/2 which both have 680x22mm and 690x22mm penetrators respectively in a projectile body roughly ~760mm long (though it's 779mm long in total). There's also the case of yet another, I believe Rheinmetall
  2. I created my account only some time ago as I did not feel the need to really engage in discussions here but, I absolutely adore how our beloved friend Delete stated he was only "trolling" and about 2 posts later went back to being completely serious about everything he says. This is pure gold, a flawless comedy, i'm on the verge of tears from reading and laughing at every piece of turd his mouth shits out and i'm sure there's more to come.
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