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  1. And they came up with those "medium tank" concepts... Seriously, whats wrong woth these people?
  2. If anyone is interested in the history behind the development of Chinese third generation tanks, I strongly recommend this article (written in Chinese): Part one https://weibo.com/ttarticle/x/m/show/id/2309404519105649574380?_wb_client_=1 Part two https://weibo.com/ttarticle/x/m/show/id/2309404531003560690005?_wb_client_=1 Part three https://weibo.com/ttarticle/x/m/show/id/2309404571464467873891?_wb_client_=1
  3. I would like to take a look at those photos, seems interesting. I never heard about that there were photos of ZTZ99's protection test.
  4. As a Chinese myself, I can confirm "the majority of Chinese ifv lacks a thermal sight" is pretty true. Basically every ifv before ZBD04A (if you don't count export model I guess) don't have it.
  5. The Kurganets you see in the parade is probably a mock up, the real one (please reference zvezda's TV show on kurganets 25) has gunner and commander sit side by side while the driver is in the front of gunner or commander (sorry I realy don't remember wether the driver sits infront of the commander or the gunner)
  6. ZBD04 (not ZBD04A, I think you guys call it ZBD08?) also don't have a thermal sight. For a pretty long time ZBD04A is the only ifv equipped with thermal sight in the PLA arsenal. For tanks, ZTZ-96A and ZTZ99's sight is pretty much T-90A level (one for thermal and one for daylight, just like ESSA+1G46M on T-90A). ZTZ-99A and VT4 has something similar to SOSNA-U, a multi channel combined day/night sight.
  7. I mean... North Koreans have to so because they lack modern SPAAG/SHORAD and their tanks' main guns are pretty crappy as well. Adding existing ATGMs is a pretty easy way to significantly improve the tank's fire power when compared with creating a brand new high performance APFSDS shell from scratch. Same thing applies to MANPADS on tanks. They literally add 14.5mm AA machineguns and MANPADS on every single AFVs they have.
  8. Yes, there was an actual study conducted in mid 90s about the possibility to use 125mm HE shells fired from type 99 tank as an anti tank weapon. The shelling test was conducted on a modified type 69 tank (with A LOT of additional add on composite amour and ERA to represent a T-80U).
  9. Fun fact: ZBL-08, ZBD-03, and ZBD-05 don't have thermal sight and dual plane stabilizer previous to this upgrade
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