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  1. So the Monoliith would likely have the range advantage lol, perhapse not the hit probability advantage, but it would not matter that mutch.
  2. I must say I was actually quite surprised to see the Monolith doing as well as it did, but no points for meeting the penetration requirement with APHE? I wonder what an engagement between a Monolith and Stumpy would look like.
  3. 1) I was referring to modern APFSDS, I do not think it will be practical to protect a single layer of thin steel against it with ERA. Shaped charges of infantry rockets are a different story, but I still wonder if it would not be better to just use NERA instead of thoes ludicrous ERA blocks. 2) I agree that they are unlikely to get a good vehicle out of this program, I just though it silly to mount a lightly armored manned turret on a hull that should be relatively resistant to most autocannon. Most of my suggestions were unmanned turrets with a similar armament to Berezhok.
  4. Probably for marginal side protection considering the appearance of thoes side modules. I guess they are trying to meet the minimum side protection requirements of export customers.
  5. Damn if they can minimise the size of a KE ATGM to that extent just imagine how terrifying the larger ones for IFVs and helicopters will be.
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