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  1. East Oil company report no279. The development of the new MBT is going smoothly. Our design team has finally sent the first images of the prototype currently under construction. The tank has been designated the MBT1 Monolith. The Monolith is intended to be able to take on any existing or prospective threat on the continent and also to act as the basis for a heavy IFV.
  2. SU/ISU152, Stumtiger, Yagdtiger, ect. They are not quite tanks, but they were manually loaded.
  3. Would an 80-90 ton tank with 15 rounds for the main gun be acceptable to the military? Our designers believe that they can achieve vastly superior frontal protection if this minor detail is neglected. They claim that a floor mounted escape hatch would offer the driver better chances for the driver to get out alive in an emergency and thus believe that a drivers hatch would offer no real advantage.
  4. Is there a weight limit or minimum number of rounds required? I was also wondering if it is necessary for the driver to have his own hatch?
  5. Well tanks do allow for more flexability in terms of what you can mount on them, but wheeled vehicles could end up hilarious. Though I know more about tanks so I suppose I would have to say that I would rather work on a tank.
  6. Ahh thank you for the clarification, it seemed rather thin to me. I guess it is probably just that the T-14 is a big tank and maybe also that I have been rather dissapointed in the armour of many recent UVZ vehicles.
  7. Rather similar to my estimates, but such a thickness is comparable to the T-72's UFP. How could they possibly get 900mm protection against KE with armour that thin?
  8. Well we do have photographs of the interior, but yes we still have no idea what it looks like underneath thoes front modules. It just does not look like there is that mutch room for thick composite armour in there to me though. Judging by the position of the drivers hatch, the interior photographs and the start of the frontal slope. This could however just be a quirk of the parade vehicle with the production Armata having 2m thick frontal composite armour for all I know though.
  9. Does anyone have any information or estimates of the T-14's frontal composite armor's physical thickness and layout? Looking at it from above I am struggling to see how the composite armour could offer 900mm of KE protection.
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