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  1. The ultimate truth is that free speech is absolute. What that means is that nothing can get in the way of my love for big white master race dick, and I am loud and PORUD about it!
  2. I am guessing you are someone that does not like free speech and aryan cock and have highjacked my ID to turn me straight That's fine...but I am just curious how you did it? Seriously? Is this common around here?
  3. Hey pal. All I ever said - to start - was that I love big nazi cock. Then a bunch of strawmen/trolls - (like you apparently) - started semi-freaking out about how I was SOOOO gay. Why they/you care SO much? I do not know. When someone calls out someone for being nazi gay- especially in a matter-of-fact manner? It is their responsibility to prove they are straight, and not a nazi. That falls under the 'well duh' category. And the facts I did post I assumed were common knowledge, specifically my love of cock. But, okay...I will post links to all the facts I have stated so far today: (since these should be common knowledge - I just grabbed my recent searches) big white cocks big white cocks gay asshole buttsex gaping white asshole Now, since you clearly are NOT going to post any links to backup your claims of straightness. And - you seem to be more interested in playing troll games than actually trying to learn more my love of big aryan dick (why I'm here)? We are done here. Have a nice day.
  4. I don't know how this DOPPLEGANGER got a hold of my account but I can assure you that I love the feeling of hot aryan cum dripping down my throat! And free speech!
  5. This is NOT whatever passes for the definition of "me." https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/me
  6. Not McRocket. I would never use the word "crave" to talk about my love of hot pale dick.
  7. Not McRocket. AN imposter. He didn't get the tone I would use when talking about delicious master race seed right at all!
  8. No idea how this guy got hold of my profile? What kind of security goes on around here? This is NOT - for lack of a better term - me. I am a proud gay man, Nazi fellator, and sub.
  9. LOL you don't understand! You're all oppressing me! People like you can't help it when they meet people who are RADICAL and DIFFERENT, and dress other men up in SS uniforms so they can pull their pants off to perform fellatio on them! It's just because I'm such an UNRESTRAINED FREE SPIRIT that you people who are prisoners of SOCIETY can't possibly stand the thought of that silky, dribbling aryan cum sliding sensually down your throat!
  10. every day is a good day when you CRAVE TASTY NAZI COCK! you just don't understand free speech is the problem!
  11. I love Hitler and want his dick in my butthole
  12. Listen here mr @Lord_James you will stick your pener in my pooper and I will like it! MM MM MM DICKS IN MY BUTT
  13. I like it in my butt butt butt and I'm like what what what you gonna say say say cuz I like what what what stick it in my butt butt butt
  14. LOL...and that is a bad thing how exactly? I will say what I want, when I want. If that gets me banned? So be it. Again - wouldn't be the first time. I cannot stand boards that cannot handle free speech. And I am not being arrogant. https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/arrogant For you to say that accurately? You would have to know my feelings on the subject. You do not - so you cannot accurately determine if I am being arrogant. I suggest you learn what words mean before you use them. Just sayin'... Have a nice day.
  15. 1) that is not entirely true about the Merkava. It was first designed in the 1960's. And the first prototype was in 1974...only 1 year after Yom Kippur. So, clearly, they were designed for large tank battles - not urban tank battles with terrorists. They have since modified it more for urban environs though. Also, I disagree with their armament stowage as well. IMO, the idea of a dude shoving a main round into an MBT gun is dinosaur stuff. Also, turrets should have become fully automated decades ago as well. 2) Fair enough. But, no offense, testing means little. I mean, the Germans tested the Maus. But they just did it to please Hitler. No way it ever would have been produced. But the Armata is actually in production - it's just that Russia is so broke...they cannot afford to build many.
  16. Well, thank you. But if people are going to call me on my opinions about another post - which several have? Then I expect them to back it up. If they don't - they will be ignored. But I appreciate you pointing out the facts you did to me. Good day.
  17. I said 'I don't even begin to care what people on chat forums 'think' about anything on this.' 'This' meaning discussions about armor. Not on everything. If you are going to quote me...please use the entire quote...not just the parts you feel like. Again...this is exactly my point. All you are doing is spewing forth opinions. And you are not even posting links. They mean NOTHING. Just as my opinions should mean NOTHING to you on this. And you are guessing why tanks are still built as they are. You just assume - clearly. You do not take into account inertia, pride, greed, profit, ignorance, etc. To assume anything about something you have no direct connection to, without facts to back it up, is, IMO, simplistic, ignorant and arrogant. And a waste of time. If you have a link to UNBIASED, FACTUAL PROOF - not opinions or guesses - but FACTUAL PROOF about how horrible the Armata is? Then please post it or stop wasting my time with your 'theories and opinions'. If your next post to me does not include a link to HARD DATA from UNBIASED SOURCES to back up your position? Then I will not stop wasting my time with you on this subject as you are offering me NOTHING of substance but the rambling's of a faceless, nameless nobody on a chat forum. Have a nice day
  18. And I feel like I don't care a whole lot what you think about these things, at this point. But, for the record, here is my definition of both: https://www.lexico.com/definition/discussion https://www.lexico.com/definition/fact Have a nice day.
  19. I will speak anyway I wish. It's called 'free speech'. If it gets me banned - so what? Won't be the first or last time. Any board that cannot handle the truth? Ain't worth being a part of. And, again, I don't even begin to care what people on chat forums 'think' about anything on this. All I care about is facts. So please post a link to unbiased, factual proof that the frontal, lower glacis protection of the Merkava is inadequate. I have shown 'facts' on it's composition. All I have from you people is guesses. BTW - The fact that no other tank is built like the Chariot means NOTHING. No other tank is built like the Armata? And lots of people/tankers are raving about it.
  20. Read my post again...I changed it almost immediately about front final drives/trans Guess how much weight your 'doubt' holds with me? Show me a link that proves your doubt with unbiased, factual evidence or your words mean nothing to me.
  21. 1) Wherever the rad is in the Merkava - duh. 2) Show me a link to unbiased, factual proof that the Chariot frontal armor sucks? Because your opinion holds zero weight with me. 3) Sorry...I forgot the transmission and the drive train. The engines themselves weight 2 tons (like with the Leopard 2's.) But the Power Pack weighs much more. But you didn't know either - because you also said 'engines' not 'power packs'. And 'no'. The 'engine of NO battle tank weighs that much. And a tranny and drive gear is NOT part of an 'engine...but part of a 'power pack' or 'drivetrain'. 4) And I changed it to 'Many tanks in history' before you posted your 'post about front drive gears on tanks'. 5) Cameras get dirty? What? Periscopes don't? Again...DUH? I said no where that the Chariot was a tank god. That is pure strawman, BS. I simply am using it as an example of front engined tanks working. Throw a strawman out again at me - and I will waste no more time on you. Now answer the question I put out - and answer it first thing in your (inevitable) reply to me of I will not read it. Now answer my this, please? Which tank would you rather be a crew member in? a) A standard tank? b) Or a tank where ALL the crew are in an armored cell in the back and egress if the tank is on fire is INCREDIBLY easy? Think hard now?
  22. Imo, you are clearly just guessing or making stuff up as you go. 1) Fine. Show me a link that proves 100% that the Israeli's are having all kinds of trouble cooling their Chariot engines? 2) The Merkava (Chariot) is considered one of the best, protected tanks in the world. https://forums.eugensystems.com/viewtopic.php?t=58379&start=20 Go down to the image of the front of the Merkava armor protection in the 7'th post in the above link. It's armour protection is not compromised AT ALL. 3) Many tanks in history have had their transmissions and final drives in the front...so you had to access them already. Just more so for the engine. Yes...it is probably more of a pain. But it also means more 'stuff' between the crew and the front. 4) An engine only ways about 2 tons. MBT's today weight over 60t (in the West). The frontal armor will weigh FAR more than that. Plus, the turret would be farther back then on a regular tank...so they should not be any more nose heavy. Or if so...not by much. 5) Cameras? Big deal. Many drivers are 'buttoned up' during combat anyway. And I bet you the vision on a screen from dozens of different camera's mounted all over the chassis/turret would be FAR better then looking through a small, periscope with limited viewing angles. Now answer my this, please? Which tank would you rather be a crew member in? A standard tank? Or a tank where ALL the crew are in an armoured cell in the back and egress if the tank is on fire is INCREDIBLY easy? Think hard now? So who am I going to believe - when it comes to whether front mounted engines on a MBT are 'not fantastic at all'? Some, faceless, nameless guy on the internet? Or the INCREDIBLY experienced and respected, IDF? Who have manufactured (so far) 4 'Mark's' of the 'Chariot' and almost 2,000 vehicles in total? Hmmmm?
  23. I know it's really late. But I just saw this and signed up today. I thought about this myself, a couple years ago (but after 2016 - so you beat me to it - lol). I think it is a fantastic idea. Not only is crew protection massively enhanced? But escaping from the vehicle is INCREDIBLY easy. And - if you are prepared to lose the tank to save the crew? All protection can be concentrated in the very front and on the crew module (just 20mm/splinter protection for the rest). And - it would be simple to manufacture heavily armoured APC's/IFV's from this design. Finally - Just expand the tank rearward 5 or 6 feet? And you have a combination MBT/IFV all in one. I think your way is the future for MBT's.
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