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  1. That may be posted before, but the video was deleted and now it's finally here: 11:55 we can see VT4's reversing It's about 20-25 kph, but I'm not sure whether he continued to accelerate when the border of the frame
  2. It seems that I will need to try to contact the object-477. Is it possible to contact him? Perhaps he has documentary evidence? I have a full version, just cut out this paragraph to do more clearly. Are there any documentary confirmation? Just in all sources that I found about CH1000 (99A) it was argued that the gear of the reverse - 3, but for some serious documentary evidence, I did not find it (and I'm not sure if they were in public domain) P.S. Sorry, I forgot to place link to the video From 12:20
  3. Are there any perspective APFSDS development processes? Also found video from VT, but on the moment when the car begins to take back, the frame shifts on the military I found some comparison for BM Oplot and VT-4. It says about CH1000B transmisson. Previosly, I saw some photos So, it says about CH1000B too. Is it possible that the difference between the CH1000 (99a) from the CH1000B (vT4) is that on 99A (presumably, since I still did not find documentary evidence or video with a demonstration) - three reverse speeds transmission, unlike two at VT? And I'd like to clarify if theres full video of this screenshot? P.S. And I found original, 12:20, It's clearly seen
  4. Thanks for clarifying the situation I'll try to find out more details and information
  5. Yes, the length confuses me. Nevertheless, I did not find detailed measurements, so I use those data that is. There is also a measure of the APFSDS Phase 2. Looks more real, in my opinion, taking into account photo with both rounds
  6. And I would like to clarify whether there is more than one photo?
  7. I saw photos, and even video with DTC10-125. In my opinion, the projectile is very powerful. If these "measurements" are correct, then, at the initial speed of 1780-1800 meters per second, this shell can already exceed 3BM60 (with its initial flight speed of 1660 meters). So we may expect at least 300mm+/60
  8. I try to "filter" the information as much as my current awareness level allows. I will give an example with a transmission: Yes, I found mention that 99a - three reversing transmission (what I wrote earlier), however, I did not find full-fledged documentary evidence (or I simply did not find the place where This could be done, due to the fact that I still can not fully read in Chinese). Therefore, you have to collect the information "on the grains". P. S. wanted to ask what is the real limit on the length of the UPFSD used for autoloaders 99 and 99a? 740mm from after refinement, as on Soviet and Russian tanks, or will it be the opportunity to use the APFSDS even greater elongation? Also, I would like to ask if there are information about future projectiles that should replace the APFSDS Phase 3 (DTC10-125)?
  9. Thank you. In general, I wanted to know if there are any details on this photo? Seemingly testing 125mm APFSDS. It's about 854mm LOS, which means 427mm/60, so it's getting closer to 829A3/A4 level, but I don't have more detailed information (and I'm not even sure if it was about 125mm) ..
  10. Found it on one of the links in Baidu. The author of the message provided this clipping, may be from here: However, I'm not sure I haven't seen this same clipping in other sources.
  11. Hello, for some time I have been looking for information about the protection, transmission and the ZTZ99A engine, but, unfortunately, I have just started learning Chinese, so it is rather difficult for me to search for information in Chinese sources. As far as I could understand, the engine-transmission part of the ZTZ99A consists, in fact, of two components: the 150HB-2 engine and the CH-1000 transmission unit? For example, the question of the number of forward and reverse gears, as well as the maximum reverse speed, is still not clear? In particular, I found references to the presence of 3 (?) Reverse gears? I have also come across some statements that the maximum speed when reversing can be in the range of 20-40 + km / h (40+ looks somewhat doubtful, but at 30 on R2 I am ready to believe) Also, the operating modes remain unclear, at the moment, I assume that R provides a "safe" reverse gear for transportation (about 5-7 km / h, while R2 connection gives a "full" speed) Or about a scheme similar to the Leopard, since, as far as I understand, when developing ZTZ99A, Chinese engineers looked at German MTU engines?
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