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  1. Oh I havent owned that gun in many years but I wouldnt say that is was one of my favorites. Good GPMG? Yes, they are but it was not that fun to shoot. IMO the M60 is a lot more fun but I have seen them choke more than I have 240s. These were all m60e1s though. You are not wrong. I know belt feds are kind of the logical choice for a modern military/GPMG design but there really is something to be said for guns like the Bren L4. A good AG and you have an unstoppable beast with an RoF close to a belt gun. Not that I would rather have an L4 in the military but there is somethi
  2. I killed mine by wearing out the topcover components. Bought a new topcover on gunbroker and it got back to humming along just fine. Oh how I miss it.
  3. Absolutely. I cant contribute much in the way of SVD testing (that guy pretty much nailed it) but you do see a lot of photos of guys holding them by the magwell. The bipod mine came with (apparently made by a gunsmith in Russia who is well known for them) clamps onto the receiver recesses near the trunnion. Looks silly but there isnt really a good way to attach a bipod otherwise. The SVD is an amazing rifle and does *exactly* what is was designed to do, people in the west (and apparently Russia according to that guy) just hold them to mythical status. I mean the gun has a detachabl
  4. That SVD article is one of the most interesting things I have read in a while. I am shocked at how much hand placement effects POI. I like that the author was very clear in stating that the accuracy of the SVD is, in his words "neither bad nor good, it is sufficient". This is pretty much what Max P. said in his interview with Ian on the SVD. Credit where it's due: The Soviet studies the author posted show a first shot 40%+ hit probability at 500m. Of course with the SVD if you miss you can just, you know, pull the trigger again.
  5. I hereby put forth a deceleration of shenanigans. Combining the charging handle, safety, fire mode selector, and forward assist into one non-reciprocating unit is the ultimate setup.
  6. I cannot read the document above but 3/4 are holding by the mag? "This Russian sniper demonstrates the proper aiming position of the SVD. Note the support hand is holding the magazine and not the hand guards. The sling is allowed to hang free so it does not induce pressure on the barrel. A magazine hold also eliminates the upward pressure of the hand guards against the barrel, which interferes with barrel harmonics. This is also why a bipod can not be effectively mounted below the hand guards. (Photo by RomanS of militaryphotos.net)"
  7. The SVD manual suggests holding the rifle by the magazine like that (or the little gap in front) for increased accuracy/consistency. The hand guards connect to the barrel so even bipods snap onto the receiver.
  8. I found the gentleman who has the other two 5.56x45mm Type 81 rifles: Mine is the sidefolder, so one was imported in each config.
  9. I feel like with a shorter, thicker barrel and a few light modifications it would have been an excellent general issue battle rifle.
  10. Agreed. It was advertised as a pencil barrel by Aero Precision. Certainly isn't as thin as an SP1 barrel but I haven't busted out the calipers.
  11. The rifle was 5 pounds 15.8 ounces. I wanted it to be 5 pounds 10-12 ounces. When I weighed my factory Colt carbine I kind of gave up:
  12. So I failed to meet my weight goal on a lightweight AR build: So I said fuck it and turned it into a thermal equipped death machine. No hogs, armadillos, coyotes, foxes, etc. are safe.
  13. I assumed the agent saw some AKS rifles in the mix. The AKS and AKMS folding stocks look and work like an mp40 folding stock.
  14. Also if you watch the Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam the veterans describe how automatic firearms were rare at first with maybe one going off to support the bolts and semis. As the war went on automatic fire increased drastically. Footage also shows weird stuff like ZB26s, Type 99 LMGs, Type 92s, Chatelleraults, RPDs, and a smattering of random stuff like MAS 38s and such. There are also a good amount of Beretta M12 SMGs (that famous footage of the American guard spraying into the window of the embassy is iconic).
  15. The CIA knew about it in 1953 according their archives: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP80-00810A001000900006-5.pdf The new Soviet gun was described as fitted with a 30-round magazine, a “wooden” or “wire” folding stock, and a “handle grip.” The agent also describes the AK-47’s gas piston operating system, describing a “gas returning metal tube” that caused the bolt to recoil and eject a spent cartridge. Overall, the new weapon was described as “very similar to the German World War II submachine gun,” probably meaning the German StG-44 assault
  16. I have a 33 and a 53 that are both quite nice. I also have an SL6 and for some reason, a CETME-L (that works only with CETME-L specific mags). I shot the 33 and sighted her in really nicely maybe two months back and at 300 meters it was shooting about 10 inch groups off of a rest. I know the 5.56 roller guns are seen as the boogeymen of the roller delayed family, but I haven't had any negative experiences.
  17. My God. I have never even seen one before.
  18. Hey loooser, Can you find some SVD-S photos? Or really any SVD photos but I’m interested in seeing the folding stock version in actual use.
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