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  1. The sukhoi pak fa is just not as important as RS-28 SARMATIAN.
  2. Do you think the Russian Armoured Warfare will be better the the EU/NA one? And will server roaming be in armoured warfare?
  3. That would be a LOL! moment and NATO would be well behind the Russian's like they were for most of the cold war Say what you will but the Tank gap in the cold war gave the Russians the edge from 1947-1991
  4. Its the T-64/Object-432 and its was 370mm vs APFSDS, Now the T-64A/Object-434 is 450mm vs APFSDS Armoured Warfare is still in EA4 and we still have EA5 and EA6 and maybe EA7 befor we hit beta
  5. The T-64/Object-432 is IRL faster then the BPM-1 but in game I do donuts around T-64s in my BMP-1, And im to lazy to spend xxxx battles playing a T-64/Lowe when I can play a BMP or BMD/ pz.kpfw. i ausf. c or mt-25, all the tanks in armoured warfare need a big buff to there speed.
  6. Is the T-15 a newer HIFV of this Object 299 one? A what is that gun it has 57mm like what the BMP-3M is getting soon? And as im on this il add this for the Object 292 https://youtu.be/MGn0qSE95D0
  7. This Afghanit APS may be Russia's stepping stone to directed energy weapons, Russia has long had a history of surprising the world with revolutionary stuff like (AK-47) (VA-111 Shkval) (APS underwater rifle) (S-75 Dvina) (T-64A) (T-34) (Zulu v) (R-36MUTTKH) And look up (List of space exploration milestones, 1957–1969) and (list of space stations)
  8. The Object 187 explosive reactive armour is Malahit, The T-14 reactive armour is Malachit, Is this a typo on the Object 187 web page or are there two Russian M named reactive armour vehicles Malahit and Malachit? As fare as I know Relikt is a cheaper downgraded version of Malahit or is it Malachit?, And yes you are correct Mike E the T-14 does not need reactive armour with active protection system Afghanit. T-14 features an active protection system Afghanit (Russian: Афганит). This system includes a millimeter-wavelength radar to detect, track and intercept incoming anti-tank muniti
  9. This has little to do with 1980s Russian tanks, But im looking at the T-14 Armata and it says dual-reactive armour Malachit, Is this a new Russian reactive armour and if it is, Is it better then Relikt?, A why does it say dual-reactive armour Malachit and not dual explosive reactive armour Malachit? Is Malachit non-explosive reactive armour or is it Electric reactive armour? Both the chassis and the turret are equipped with the latest Russian ERA system from the front, sides and the top.
  10. Ok and as to Armoured Warfare they're adding or will add the Expeditionary tank and the T-14 Armata to the game, So I have hope that we will see more unmanned remote controlled turret armoured fighting vehicles. LoooSeR you can you can greatly contribute to Armoured Warfare if you like to with you're knowledge of Russian vehicles, My forum thread Obsidian-287 relies heavily on your work in this thread.
  11. Wasn't the Object 292 equipped with a modified 152 mm howitzer 2A65?, There is a old post on Armoured Warfare that the main purpose for Russian 152mm gun tanks was to use Nuclear shells in Tank vs Tank shootouts and not APFSDS. But enough of that, I love your work ( Putin's Alt Account ) and hope that all of these Russian Objects and more find there way in to Armoured Warfare.
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