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  1. Most modern AAA games with those specs are going to be a big problem if you want playable framerates and anything above lowest settings, but there are a lot of interesting smaller games on Steam and other services that can run on anything. It mostly depends on what types of games you're into. There are also services like Blizzard's Battle.net that have Shareware-like versions of their games so you can at least try-before-buying. I understand that it can be frustrating especially with how rare gameplay demos are these days.


    To be honest, it sort of deserves it. Everything is dynamic, and the graphics are quite well crafted. It's a beautiful game even at the lowest settings. Right now I am playing at 1280*800 at Medium settings (but no SSAO, and Grass density/distance is turned to low and shadow quality is turned low as well). I am not noticing any FPS difference between low and my custom medium at 1280*800 which is odd.

  2. So I guess this is it for new games for me. How do most new releases compare to The Witcher 3 when it comes for hardware demands?


    I started downloading The Witcher 3 (with all DLCs) 10 days ago, only 5 GB left now, but you can play it if the game itself downloaded. (the game + patches is 33 - 34 GB. DLCs are the rest) Just click on the .exe in the game's bin folder.


    So, what do I find?


    SIX FPS at the lowest possible settings on 1080p. 


    I don't know if this is an optimization issue or just me. but oh well. 


    Relevant computer specs are below if one is curious: (I cannot get anything better, sadly)


    - CPU --> Intel Core 2 Quad Q660 2,4 GHz


    - GPU --> ATI (no, not AMD. it's before AMD bought it over) HD 5450


    - RAM --> 4GB DDR 2


    Motherboard and PSU are regular Dell stuff.


    Combat is almost unplayable, even at 1280*800.

  3. What is the probable conclusion to the war at this point?  Splitting Syria into multiple states?

    Some people would rather die than see that happen around here. Personally, it doesn't concern me directly, but I strongly oppose such a solution.

    I don't like how Egypt is neutral (Syria is.. was our "brother"), although I guess with our current problems, neutrality is the best stance.

  4. Jordan has introduced a new heavy APC based on the Centurion.  Since the back of the vehicle is taken up by the powerpack, the infantry enter and exit the vehicle through the front.  This seems like a bad idea to me...




    No. There's a 450mm tall door to the left of the powerpack in the rear. The front door is larger, though -- 750mm wide and little over 1m tall. While it is easier to use the front door, there's still a mini back door.


    The "father" of this APC, the "Temsah/تمساح" (Crocodile or Alligator) APC had the engine in the front, and had a conventional rear door. It did not have any customers though. The Temsah is from 2002 or so. I don't remember, sorry.



    Actually, disregard that. I was talking about the older model of this APC. The new version (the one in the picture) is smaller and has no rear door. It's better protected, though. Got confused, sorry.


    Old version of it:




    (MAP II/Dawsar) MAP = Modular Armored Platform. It's from 2014.







  5. Finished "A Canticle for Leibowitz" and "The Postman" a while ago. Still not sure which post apo to go next. I am thinking of "The Road", and "Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman", but I am still looking for a .pdf of the latter. After that, I think I'll try "Dies The Fire", I heard it's OK. Not sure.

  6. Dang frenchies 


    However I wouldn't be too surprised if some extreme anti-Sisi faction bombed the plane to hurt Egypt's economy and hope to get Sisi out of power. This could also help explain why no one has taken credit for it. 


    Or it was just an accident, but that isn't nearly as interesting.

    Yeah, that's also likely. An attempt to further mess up tourism and relations with other countries.

  7. Witcher 3 is an incredible RPG.


    I have it on Steam, but downloading 30 GB with a 64 kb/s max speed (with 35 - 45 average, depending on weather) is a bit of a painful task.



    Depends on what you're into. I love DOOM but I wouldn't recommend it to people who wouldn't be into it. Gaming today is pretty damned good, since you can get such a massive variety of products.


    Yeah, DOOM seems a bit too "shooty" for me.

  8. Were they planning on moving the recoil cylinders around?  It looks like they would clonk into the rangefinder if the gun depresses more than a few degrees.


    Good work, by the way.  Obviously, I didn't put much effort in mine.


    Another thought; does anyone have a panther with a schmallturm in WOT or WT?  I'm curious how they model the mantlet when the gun elevates and depresses.


    Also, I'm curious why the hitler panther was drawn without a muzzle brake.  IIRC, the pantherfibel says never to fire the gun without the brake, and that's with the 75mm.

    I got the Ausf.F and the II in WT. Don't have it installed though, but I can get a friend to screenshot it.

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