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  1. Thanks This has some nice pictures of the (covered) parade vehicles. Not sure if it was posted here though, didn't go through all this thread yet.
  2. Which one would be better? The normal BMP-3 w/ 1 100mm and 1 30mm, or the 57mm unmanned turret AC? I heard the 57mm has higher RoF and range, but this is all what I found on it. I guess it also works like the T-14 (crew in hull), so it would improve safety? The turret of it is also at display at RAE 2015 I think. That's where I first found it. Rear mounted turret BMP-3 looks.. interesting. But not sure if it can be considered useful.
  3. Alright then, here's the rest: Challenger Manual 1 Challenger Manual 2 M1A1/M1A2 TUSK 1/2 Manual T-72B Manual T-64 1984 Manual I'll post more tomorrow. Tired now OK, more: M1 Abrams Procedure Guide Not sure if this would be relevant in 2015, but Soviet Tank Recognition Guide Challenger Stowage Illustrations Armament of T-72 T-72M1 Technical description and operations manual: (no idea why it's supplied in pages. oh well): I also have manuals of jets and helicopters, but not sure if they apply here.
  4. I may be optimistic, but I think the 2S35 we will see will be the Armata based version, not the modified T-90 version. Thanks.
  5. I am not sure if this was posted before, but this is said to be a new Ukrainian IFV based on the T-64 chassis: There was also a picture of it being produced in factory, but I lost it Yes, they got them in July 15 2015 if I am not wrong. Kharkov refurbished old T-80Bs and applied Kontakt-1 ERA on them.
  6. Would a T-90S Russian manual be worthy of being posted here? I also have Challenger 1 manual. And M1A1/M1A2 TUSK 2 manual if you want. I am also looking hard for The -10 (M1 technical manual), but my efforts are fruitless so far.
  7. I feel sorry for whoever had to do the cleaning on the T-14. It just looks so clean. It's as if it just rolled out of the factory. Was it said why? It seems odd.
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