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  1. A thread about the Fallout series. Although it's in a sorry state now, I hope it somehow improves later. Fallout NV was a good step, but Fallout 4 doesn't look very promising. also, I'll post some of my images here. Fly.. Fly.. by Mohamed2281, on Flickr Bright Future by Mohamed2281, on Flickr ^ December 2013 pictures. Some 2014 things:
  2. I wonder if the guy will hide after the current levels of rek he got or he'll post even more retarded stuff. Though tbh, anything smaller than 75mm isn't my field so I won't be able to have fun ;-;
  3. Could be the E-7D, which was different, and was made after the Lockheed takeover of General Dynamics.
  4. OK, first tank is a T-55. It says in the poster thingy above/infront it. Which one? The emperor/king or the tank? Tank exists, but pictures are really rare. The only pictures I had [and yes, had. the source is gone now I think or something, not sure] were of the tank in America. Not sure what happened to the source. I just can't find it on the net anymore.
  5. I didn't watch the parade sadly, so no idea what it is. But I didn't hear about any upgraded T-55 type here than the Ramses II so..... we'll see.
  6. 188 tons. 140mm primary cannon. 5000m long 6699m wide "SAFEST AND BEST TANK IN THE WORLD"
  7. If there's one person who I want to kill so bad IRL, it has to be Erdogan.
  8. Saudis misunderstood the crane falling message I guess.
  9. "In the name of god" "Date: 28/12/1436" (Lunar calendar, this is old. today is 3/01/1437) "Topic: Order/Message from the Islamic Police in the Northern province" "To all Muslim brothers in the northern province who are of age of 14 years old and older, head to the police buildings/headquarters in the northern province to register your names and details and the registeration will begin in the next Saturday 3/01/1437 (don't know why their dates are messed up) and will end in the following Friday 9/01/1437. Anyone who fails to register is liable for legal prosecution (lelwat)" The rest of the paper is just telling what sort of jobs the conscripts can get. But there are 2 notes at the end: "Note: There are other minor jobs that were not mentioned that can be pursued." "Note: And from the Northern province to the borders with villages occupied by the State." (I don't get what this means, sorry)
  10. This is.. very interesting. I wonder how it'd develop.
  11. Too bad Loooser crushed our dreams.
  12. I don't remember the full name but it was something like Susong Ho or Sunhung ho. Had a website that talked about it but can't find it now.
  13. Well, it looks horribly mutated now, but other than that, pretty good 10/10.
  14. I got hyped for a Ka50/52, but then I looked again.. it's too fat ;-; It is a Kamov though.
  15. Looks a lot like some of the M60s we lost in Sinai. One of them had the entire turret outer layer crack.
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